Meri aashique (episode 8)

Meri aashique (episode 8)

Hey guys ..I am really happy with ur comments so here is the 8th part ….hope u enjoy

@dining table ..
Everyone assembles …
Swara says good morning to all ..
Everyone smiles seeing her childishness …
Lucky and sanky was about to leave .
Swara : Laksh yaar ..plz ..its bored being in home let us out for sometime .,,.,I promise I won’t runaway ….
Laksh : OK u may go …take ragini also with u …she is also tied in home
Ragini smiles
Laksh gets memerised …
Sanky : but u can’t go just like that …rohan , siddharth and rahul go with them ..
Swara smiles ,,,,……
Lucky and sanky leaves
Swara : so ragini challo ,,,
Ragini : haan ….
They leave in Mercedes with jeep following them ….

Swara and ragini comes out of the car …
The gang surrounds them carrying big rifles ….
All people gets scared …
Swara : plz year …we want to be ordinary people for sometime ..
Rohan : but our command ..
Swara makes a pout face ..
Rahul : OK ..but don’t say to sanky sir …plzz
Swara happy : OK done ..
Rohan : we will come back in 3hrs …so ..
Ragini : OK …we will take care ..
The bodyguards leave …

Swara : at last we r among the ordinary people ..
Ragini : yes …I am free …
Swara : so where we will go first ..
Ragini : ice cream parlor …
Swara : good idea …
They go to ice cream parlor …they have a chit chat and comes out ..
Swara : how was the ice cream
Ragini : awesome year ..
As they walk on ….
They enter into a busy bazaar …..crowded with many people …
Swara : hey look at the earing its awesome …
Ragini : OK come let’s buy it ..
They go onto the shops ..

Sanlak comes in jeep with their gang …
(They don’t know swararagini are there )
Laksh : this is the bazaar our enemies have round up …
Sanky : boys be ready with the rifles ….
A boy from the crowd with knife ..
Sanky shoots him in middle of the crowd ..
All people shouts and gets scared …
Swaragini comes hearing the sound …..
(Swaragini don’t know sanlak r there )
Many people in crowd starts to shoot at sanlak gang (their enemies )
Sanlak and their gang starts shooting …..
All the crowd goes here and there ..
Many people gets shot ……there is a big commotion …….
Swara : ragini come fast ..we need to leave from here ….
Ragini : haan …
While leaving accidently her leg get shot ..
Ragini cries : ahhhhhh ..
Swara : ragini !!!!!!!!!
Swara gets tears ..
Swara takes hanky and toes raginis leg ….(no problem for life only leg )
Swara takes phone ..
She tries calling sanky …but he is not lifting it
Sanky is busy shooting ….
Aarav khanna ( their biggest enemy in Kolkata)
Aarav : stay away from this ..
Sanky and lucky shoots all his men’s ..
Aarav gets scared ..
He sees a girl behind ..he catches her hand and pulls her and keeps gun in her head ..
(Its swara)

Sanlak and his gang were shocked ..
They stop shooting ..
Swara cries seeing gun ..
Aarav : why did u stop huh )!?? Maybe u know her …..
He tightens …
Laksh : leave her …..
Aarav : y should I ….
Swara cries ..
Sanky shouts : leave her
Aarav tights her grip ..
Sanky runs towards him ….
Sanky takes his rifle ….and shoots ……
Aarav makes Swara come in front …
Swara gets shot ……
Sanky drops his rifle
Laksh is shocked …..
Laksh sees ragini behind them ….
He goes and picks ragini …(she fainted due to blood loss)
Sanky goes towards Swara ..
Sanky keeps Swara on his lap ..
Swara crying and with pain : y u shot me ??? U r that much angry with me sanky ……..I am sorry …….if I did wrong with u …..
Sanky crying : no no nothing will happen to u …I am here ….nothing …
Swara closes her eyes …..
Sanky : Swara Swara …..
He takes her in arms and Laksh takes ragini in arms ..
They rush to hospital

Ragini is in general ward …
While Swara is in ICU ….
Sanky cries sitting in bench …
Sidhant consoles him …..
Laksh feels bad …..

Precap : will Swara be saved or …is it her end ……

So how was it guys ..I know I am adding less raglak scenes ..but I want to mainly focus on swasan …hope u understand ….
And comment plz

Meri aashique (episode 8)


Meri aashique (episode 8)

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