swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 1) continued

Midnight memory(b)

swara had dozed while writing d dairy she woke up due 2 d knock on door she checked d tym it was 1am she thought rags had come so she opend d door witout cing who it was!wen she was abt to scold sumone grabed her frm waist & kissed her hard! he closd d door frm leg,pinned her to d wall kissing her again! swaras pov- i dnt knw who he is im not able 2 c as it is dark hes kissing me im pushing him away i failed!so i put my hands around his neck,cing my reaction he put his hands inside my tee and carried me in his arms and i guieded him 2 room!he striped me,laid me on bed came over me and tld dat ur beautiful in a husky voice!he took away my virginity aftr mating i asked him who ru?he replied im ur pleasure! yes indeed he was my pleasure i laid on his chest,he put his hands on my waist caught me tight and slept! im waiting for d sun 2 rise i want 2 see who he is!

next day mrning-swara woke up & blushed remembering d last nyt romance and looked up to c him! she was terrified to c who he was!

swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 1) continued


swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 1) continued


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