DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 1

DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 1

This is my first FF beoz I cannot resist my self from writing anymore .
if u like it then plezz do comment and also write suggestions for me to
get a more beautiful story 4 u
Here is a small intro of main leads
Adarsh Sinha – By looks handsome, smart, hot, dashing and so onn
By profession a truth full and hardworking ias officer.
Swadheenta Ram Krishna – beautiful, smart, kind etc.
She is presently an intern in a famous law firm

Morning Swadheenta’s home
Swadhe – “Amma I will get late if I will wait 4 break fast”
Amma – “Hav this juice nd leave”
she comes running and hands the glass to a girl in early 20s. She is wearing white uppers, black jeggings nd her hair are left open she is Swadheenta. she drinks juice nd leave wit

Swadhe see a crowd on rod surrounding som1 so 2 enqir about d matter, she entrs the crowd nd in center a lady is injurd.
Swadhe – ”has any1 called 4 ambulance ”
evry1 stand blank swadhee is abot to dial 4 ambulance wen a man comes nd say
” Take her to my car it will be late if we’ll wait 4 an ambulance”
Swadhe turns nd a tall handsom man standing, take his goggel while speaking
It is Adarsh ( jiya re plays in B.G)
The lady is taken to adarsh car be4 leaving she gives her scooty keys 2 aanchal (d 1 who was sitting on back seat when she left her home)
Swadhe – ”take the keys and leave for office I will com”
Aanchal nods positivelynd leaves, swadrsh too leaves with the injured lady.

The lady is admitted, adarsh complets the formalities and the family of injured is too informed. Swadrsh comes out of the hospital. Swadhee ”thanx” nd turns to leave but som1 holds her hand she turns . and it is adarsh holding her hand , she is about to question about his action but intrupting her adarsh explains ”swadhe tumhara hath main kabh lagi ”
”jab help kar rahi thi tabh but koi badi injury nahi hai aur main office ke liye late ho rahin hoon ” swadhee replies adarsh holds her hand and takes her inside hospital, her wons is dressed by a nurse. After which they starts to leave swadhe ” meri itni fikar kyon karte ho ” ”tumeh nahi pata ”she nods no ” achaan ji ” they have a long eye lock it seems like they both are mesuring the depthness of each others eyes both laugh. ”I will leave u 2 yor office she nods and they leaves.

”jab itna pyar karte ho to family se kyon nahi milva rahe ”
” tumhe kya lagta hai main tumhare bare main serious nahi hoon”
”mujhai pata hai ki tum majse kitna pyar karte ho par jab amma puchti hai to mai unheh kya reply don ”
”iss week end par pakka ”
” haan from last 6 months tumhari family se hi to mil rahin hoon”
” itna gussa ”
”tumse naraj ho sakti hoon kya ”
they arrivess to her office while she is leaving he enquires
”milne aaogi na ”
”kabhi late hooin hoon kya”
he gives her a side hug she waves bye and leaves

she hurridely enters the office and so does suhasini, her boss. swadhee greets her. Suhasini enquires about . Swadhee replies her Suhasini ask her to arrange some clothes and change and then come to her cabin she has some important work to tellshe nods and leaves

PRECAP : Swadrs meets at cafe and then in some marriage.

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DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 1


DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 1

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