Dehleez 19th March 2016 –

Dehleez 19th March 2016 –

Dehleez 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh smiling seeing Swadheenta. She walks to him. Abhay gets Simmi’s call and says I told you something will happen. He says I will come in 10 mins. He asks Adarsh to come. Adarsh says I have to do just some warm up and asks Abhay to leave. Abhay leaves. Swadheenta asks him what is he doing near her house. Adarsh asks really, is your house nearby. She says I know you are great in knowing addresses, you have some govt tie up and ……, who offer me coffee always, if I see you here again then…. Adarsh gives her earring and tells her that I know this very well that you did not know that I know about your lost earring and I will find out your unknown address and come here…. (he has come to give her lost earring). He leaves.

Swadheenta goes home recalls his words…. Asad comes and eats the paratha. Mami says its for Swadheenta, I will get another one. Asad asks about her earring, how did she get it. She ignores him and talks to Mamu. Mamu says I will go with Asad today. Asad asks what, why with me. Mamu asks why, are you ashamed to take me along on your scooty. Asad says no, come. He asks Swadheenta to do something. Mamui says you both should go together always. Swadheenta tells Mamu that she will drop him to college, she I going to meet Mishra. Mami gives parathas. Swadheenta takes it and they leave. She drops Mamu at college. He asks how long will you save Asad, he is 18 year old. She says he is just 18, this teenage is such, Asad is world’s best brother, he is immature, we all will be proud of you. Mamu says I will be most proud of my daughter. She wishes him good day and goes.

Jaya gives tea to Suhasini. Abhay comes for breakfast. Abhay says thank God I m saved from dad and came on time. Jaya says dad left for meeting. Suhasini asks for Simmi. Simmi comes and refuses to eat Ragi. Suhasini looks at Jaya. Abhay asks Simmi how can she talk like this. Suhasini says the one who disrespect food here are regarded ill mannered, you will apologize to Jaya first. Jaya says its okay. Simmi says sorry and starts leaving. Suhasini says stop. She asks Abhay to ask Ahuja why did he not teach his daughter table manners. She asks Jaya not to make breakfast for Simmi from tomorrow, she will make it herself. Jaya says Simmi, this is not done. They leave. Simmi complains to Abhay. He hugs her and says its fine, mom asked you to make your own breakfast, think positive, this tension will end, I have to go office. He leaves.

Adarsh is on the way. Swadheenta messages sorry. Adarsh smiles and says I will not reply so soon, let her wait for some time. She is at Mishra’s office/land revenue department office…. and looks at her phone waiting for his reply.

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Dehleez 19th March 2016 –


Dehleez 19th March 2016 –

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