Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 76

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Kush asks,Chachu..ll u help me.Purab says,Ofcourse anything for u.Then Kush came to his room Whr Abhi was rehearsing.Kush says,Mumma..Papa..Today I ll sleep with Chachu he says he is feeling alone so I’m gonna sleep with him.Pragya says,No..u ll disturb him let him sleep u sleep with us it’s already late..Tmrw,U r gonna perform na..Kush says,No..Mumma..I wanna talk to him..He asking about my frnds and all so pls Mumma..Pragya says,Arey..u can talk to him tmrw it’s sleeping time na..Abhi says,Let him Fuggi..Pragya says,No..U know na I can’t sleep without him.Kush n Abhi laughs.Kush says,No..I won’t come n runs to purab’s room n locks the door.Pragya follows him n asks him to open the door.Kush says,No..Mumma pls u go n Sleep..I feel sleepy..Purab asks,Arey..Kush Wht u r doing.Kush says,Leave it Chachu..Abhi comes n says,Oh..Fuggi..come-on I ll make u sleep n winks at her.Pragya stares him.Abhi drags her to room.Pragya keeps on staring at him.Abhi asks,Oh..just stop looking at me like this..I know I’m unstoppable..Irresistable..Pragya smirked.Abhi hugs her from back n says,Oh..Come on cool down..anger is not for ur health..If u get anger then u ll burst like a balloon.Pragya smiles n pokes his chest.Abhi turns her towards him n holds her by wrapping his arms over her waist tight.

Pragya asks,So..some one is in great mood.Abhi says,Ofcourse..after a long time..gonna perform son is gonna perform with me..n now I’m holding my world in my arms so who is more happiest person than me.Pragya smiles.Abhi says, it’s getting late..Pragya says,So let’s sleep?Abhi says,Sleep?Not at all..give me a kiss.Pragya asks,Wht?Abhi says,Kiss like this n kisses her lips softly.Pragya blushes n breaks the kiss.Abhi says,Missed u alot Fuggi..Pragya nipped his ears n says,Miss u too in a mild voice.Abhi says,Love u Fuggi..Pragya says,Love u too..They hugs each other.Their eternal soul becomes one they share their sweet cuddling.After a while,It was around 2AM in mid night.Pragya slightly opens her eyes n find herself bounded by strong arms around her waist she was buried her face in her Hubby’s chest..His chin was placed on her head..she tries to relive from his arms n she succeeded too she places his head properly in pillow n identifies he is sleeping shirtless n smiles n covers him with blanket.She gets out of the room n keep her hand on Purab room’s lock n the lock was opened too..She slowly opens the door.She finds Kush was sleeping in Purab’s lap Purab was looking at Kush by running his fingers in his hair.Pragya enters n asks,Purab..U didn’t sleep yet.

Purab says,No..di..I don’t know today I’m feeling very happy..Kush he is just like each n every antics..He is just our Abhi’s clone..Pragya smiles n says,Yes..Btw I’m Sry..he troubled u na.Purab says,Not at all di..he is so sweet..Pragya says,Anyways it’s too late u sleep I ll take him to our room.Purab says,It’s K di..he slept na..Pragya says,Purab I know u was tired by journey u sleep well I ll take him n lifts Kush in her hand.Kush in sleep says,Lemme sleep in a kiddy voice.Pragya says,Gud night Purab..Purab says,Gud night di..Kush in sleep wo opening his eyes says,Mumma..Lemme sleep..Pragya kisses him n says,Ya..let’s sleep in our room.Kush slept in her arms.Pragya enters their room n makes Kush to lie in bed.She sees Abhi was in deep sleep occupying most of the space.Pragya pats his shoulder n murmers his ears,Suniye..slightly move urself.Abhi murmers,Fuggi..lemme sleep..Pragya says,Arey..move lil.Abhi says,Mmmm..Pragya lies besides Kush n carres his face.Abhi in sleep falls from bed n shouts,Agghh!!Pragya whispers,Shhh!!!Kush is sleeping.Abhi gets up n shouts,U didn’t..Pragya interrupts n says,Shh!!He is sleeping.. Abhi says,Y u didn’t kept pillows in a husky voice.Pragya says,I forgot keep quiet n Sleep.Abhi says,So mean Kush ki Mumma..ur hubby fall down but u r not caring abt me..before some hours u know how my fuggi showered love on me.Pragya stares.Abhi says,K..I’m sleeping n lies besides Kush n falls asleep.Pragya kisses their foreheads n falls asleep.Next morning, Purab was already woked up n Pragya tries to wake up Abhi but he not at all ready to open his She wakes up Kush.Kush says,Gud mrng Mumma..

Pragya says,Gud mrng..let’s fresh up..Kush widens his arm by asking her to lift him.Pragya smiles n lifts him.Purab watches it with a smile n asks,Oh..Y senior Rockstar is still in sleep.Pragya says,It’s really a big task Purab see even baby is woked up earlier but he ll never opened his eyes before 8.Purab laughs n says,Lemme try di..Pragya says,All the best n left.Purab goes to Abhi n whispered his ears,Abhi..Beta’s morning yaar..wake up.Abhi murmers,Give me a last night.Purab smiles.Abhi pulls him towards him by thinking him as Pragya.Purab too doesn’t protest.Abhi keeps his lips pout n says,Kiss me..Purab too keeps his lips pout..Abhi pulls him close n holds tight n says,Wht u r waiting for..Kiss me na..Feeling K lemme kiss u..n goes closer to Purab.Kush runs into the room after brushing n shouts,Papa..Abhi doesn’t open his eyes n says,Oh..Aagaya mere chotte no kiss today n opens his eyes slowly n sees Purab over his chest n shouts n screamed n gets up.Purab laughs.Pragya n Mikha comes thr by hearing his scream n asks,Kya hua..Purab laughs.Abhi covers himself.Kush says,Mumma..These two were abt to kiss.Pragya says,Chee.n left.Purab smiles.In eveng,It was concert time cameras were on Abhi family reached lighted opera house.Abhi Kush along with Kids occupied the stage for first performance whole world including his Mehra family is infront of TV.Purab Pragya Mikha claps. HERE THEY START TO SING FIRST SONG WITH VERY LIGHT BG IN THEIR GUITAR

Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram vande mataram Vande mataram Vande mataram Sujalaam suflaam mataram Malayaj sheetalaam mataram Sujalaam suflaam mataram Malayaj sheetalaam mataram Shasyashyamalaam mataram Vande mataram vande mataramVande mataram vande mataram Vande mataramVande mataram mataram Hum bulbulein hai iski Yeh gulsitan hamara hamara Sare jahan se acha Hindustan hamara hamara Sare jahan se acha Hindustan hamara Hum bulbulain hai iss ki yeh gulsitan hamara Sare jahan se accha

All kids along with Kush and Abhi sings this song as their first performance after the performance completed almost all the Kid’s parents n all the Indians even Aussies gave them a great applause n gives them a standing ovation.Abhi with all kids he too stood like a kid n all bends before them in the way of thanking all.Pragya Purab extremely surprised that they gonna perform for this song.

Precap: Abhi n Kush was on stage to give their performance together.

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 76


Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 76


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