Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Raja’s mum telling Raja that she just said that marriage will not happen without any intention to stop the marriage, but to scare the family. She says we don’t have money and your brother have lost money in gambling. Mami says if you would have told me before that this marriage will not happen then I would have stolen good things from here. Raja assures them that he will marry and get back his lost respect and money. He says he wants to win Viplav’s trust and that’s why doing all this. He asks them to wait.

Viplav apologizes to Dhaani and says I don’t remember anything. When did you tell me about your past. Dhaani says I told you when I brought kada for you. Viplav says I was unwell at that time and slept, had woken up when Mami shouted for thief. He asks her to tell everything from start. Dhaani tells him that she got married in Avasthi family, and her husband used to come drunk every night and used to beat her daily. She says that night and is about to tell, but just then Viplav gets a call. He gets shocked and tells Dhaani that Shalu tried to commit suicide. He leaves. Dhaani prays for Shalu.

Viplav comes to Shalu. Shalu tells him that she got half married and was left. She says my life is ruined just because of Dhaani, and that Raja left me after taking 4 pheras. Viplav tells her that he will make everything fine in her life and says Dhaani said that as she had a past with Avasthi family.

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th March 2016 –


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th March 2016 –


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