Swasan happy ending (Intro)

Hi gus I am Ankur and I am a big fan of Swasan so I am going to write m first ever ff.Hope you will except it from bottom of your heart.Please leave comments if you like my ff.Please forgive me as I will only write on saturday and sundays.

Here we go:
Dr.sanskar is a famous 27 year old cardiologist but he treats patients having minor diseases too.His parents live in U.S as his father is a business tycoon and own his company named Maheshwari group of companies.(Sanskar lives in India)
Swara is an aspirant teacher who wants to empower the next generation.She is an orphan having no siblings.Her late parents were very rich and wealthy and now after their death all theit property goes to her name.So,now at this time Swara is an aspirant teacher,a business tycoon and a very humble and childish 25 year old girl.

When Swara was 25 year old her mother and father died in an accident,their faithful widower P.A helps Swara to face this mean world and made her strong enough so that she can handle her family business transaction.At a very young age she used to handle her family business.
After tragic death for her parents,she used to live in a very big mansion having lots of servants.But in spite of that she never became arrogant or greedy.She is very down to earth and leads a simple life.
One day Swara’s stomach starts aching .She ignored that for a week or so as it was a very minor ache but that day it grew and start aching very badly.She went in her simple pink chudidar to Sunshine hospital.Her secretory had already fixed an appointment on Swara’s name and the doctor who was going to check and treat her is none other than Dr,Sanskar.
Swara’s fear of injections and Sanskar slowly starts falling far Swara.

Guys please tell me whether you liked my concept or not.

Swasan happy ending (Intro)


Swasan happy ending (Intro)


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