The first and last Love…intro!!

Hi guys I’m damn excited to write my first ff on ishveer! Plz plz support me guys!!!!


Ranveer (Male protagonist) :- No.1 Top businessman ,who doesn’t believe in Love and doesn’t want to marry

Ishani(female protagonist) :- Middle-class girl ,loves her family and innocent girl!

Rithika:- Best friend of Ranveer and engaged to Sharman(ishani’s brother).

Amba:- Ranveer’s mother , Seeing top Girls for Ranveer’s marriage

Baa:- Ishani’s granny ,loves Ishani

Shikar :- Friend of Ishani

Rahul:- Loves Ishani from his college ,but ishano hates him!

Dewarsh,Pratik and Disha :- Ishani’s cousins…

Parul :- Ranveer’s cousin sister

Falguni :- Ishani’s mother

Harshad :- Father of Ishani! ,loves her daughter and support all her decisions❤

Guys pls comment below ur Opinions whether I should continue or not!

The first and last Love…intro!!


The first and last Love…intro!!


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