“Music of the Heart”

“Music of the Heart”

guys it’s srisha …I am a big fan of abhigya..I used to read many stories nd I decided to write a small one…

abhishek mehra
pragya arora
purab khanna
bulbul arora
aliya mehra
dadi ,dasi
sarla ,jhanki

the episode starts with one fine day morning,a boy gets up by his alarm. a lady comes and gives him milk.he dranks and says ok good night dadi.dadi shouts abhi…it’s early morning..and you gonna sleep.today you have cycle test na.see aliya she is studying only 10 standard…she is preparing for her exam continuously but you..you are studying 12 th standard you could not wake up and read.abhi says ok dadi I will read and goes to fresh up…

actually abhi is a 12 std student.he hates to study.due to dadi’s compulsion he is studying…..

after some time..abhi hears a familiar voice it’s purab…purab asked ,you havnt get ready..hey it’s late yaar.abhi says go …dadi has made breakfast ..eat. .purab says breakfast..ok come fast and leaves….

the screen shifts to a small apartment..a girl prays to God…
god please give strength to my di.
she reads well but due to her fear…she is lacking..you have to give her strength.sarla calls bulbul and she comes …a girl with her books comes there..it’s pragya. ..pragya asked bulbul…hey I am feared…bulbul says di it’s just a cycle test…and moreover it’s not final exam..pragya nods ok and both leaves..

they reached school.bulbul sees aliya and calls her.aliya says hi…bulbul says di all the best ..don’t get feared…aliya says ha di..all the best ..you know my brother didn’t study…he is happy..and you have studied na…go and do well.

pragya in her exam room…prays to God.abhi sees her…get tension..he thinks to cool her.he calls pragya ..pragya turns he asked her to breath in and breath out.she does the same. .she feels relaxed. she got the paper and started to write.abhi sits and admirring her beauty.abhi was quite distance but opposite to her.he thinks how beautiful is she…

after the exam …bulbul asked how she did..pragya says I have confident that I will get full marks..bulbul says how my di is so confident.pragya says it’s because of him.bulbul asked who.pragya searches but abhi left.aliya says di…you did well na…leave it

all reached their respective homes. abhi was continuously thinking about pragya.he says tomorrow I will definitely talk to her…I mean I am in love with her.
pragya on the other side …wants to thank abhi..

next day in school…
abhi comes to see pragya.pragya says hi..and thanks ..abhi says my pleasure.abhi says I want to talk to you.pragya asked what.abhi says I mean ..I don’t know how to say..I really when I see you at first I got attached to you…I love you pragya ..
pragya was shocked …she didn’t say anythg and leaves

will pragya accept him…

“Music of the Heart”


“Music of the Heart”

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