Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 3)

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Swara’s POV :- Sanskaar maheshwari here I am coming to meet u ….. I know u have many questions about me nd laksh nd my disappearance from Bangalore…… but I had 2leave u both I had to save them they are my responsibility …..I didn’t want to again create problems in your life nd soo I left u but when I came to know that swaragini company which ur handling after Laksh’ s death is know wanting it’s owner which is me I had no option but to meet u to save d company which is our dream Laksh’ s dream ndhis jaan’ s dream……soo I had come here to kalkaata @ mamu’ s place though they r my relatives I stayed here as a paying guest nd impressed ur daadi to get her approval for our marriage after which u could legally be d head of swaragini company nd take it to d heights which it deserves

@ temple….
Sanskaar nd his daadi had already arrived nd were waiting for swara nd her family ….
After some tym Gadodia family arrived ….
Sanskaar : monologue oh god dis girl looks as pretty nd beautiful as ever but I know she doesn’t love me …nd will never love me….
Swara : monologue you are d same sanky …I know you will agree to this marriage becoz of your daadi’ s force…nd see u r here in front of me…
No one knows about swasan nd their past soo daadi takes d pleasure in introducing them formally .though they know each other they act as if it’s their first meeting….
Sensing some awkwardness all elders ask them to have a talk for a while till d pooja starts……

@ temple garden…..
Sanskaar: hiii swara how r u ???
Swara: I’m good nd u…
Sanskaar: u know Ms ryt swara soo without going round d bush I’ll tell u that I’m doing this marriage for my daadi nd laksh. I had been searching u for a while now ,u know ryt laksh had named his company on your name according to his will….
Swara : haan I know that nd I also know that 65% of maheshwari stocks r also on my name and as I have all d important shares with me u want to marry me so that u can complete lakh s dream project nd dis d only reason I had been here from 6 months nd got approval of your daadi’ for our marriage……
Sanskaar: not bad so u knew that laksh had named every single penny on your name….
Swara: haan he wanted to secure mine nd his jaan’ s future…
Sanskaar: oh come on swara I know that u r only his jaan’…( a bit sad )
Swara : well, so dis marriage is d second agreement we are getting into in which ….
Sanskaar: we’ ll never have any expectations nor will we have demands but I would always fulfill Laksh’ s responsibility…..
Swara: I trust you sanskaar anyways come now everyone will be waiting for us……
Swasan reach the place nd takes blessings from everyone nd exchange rings nd complete d engagement in a simple way…..then panditji decided their marriage after 3 days……

To be continued……..
Guys plzz tell me if it is nice or not….tell me if I should continue or not nd plzz also suggest me how should I develop love between two practical persons…….plzz comment nd encourage me…..

Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 3)


Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 3)


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