Is this true: the new spoiler

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Now this is my first article….
Don’t know if this spoiler is true or not….
I was shocked after reading this spoiler. I don’t think its true….
Tell ur views through comment . …..
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Tashan-e-ishq: Rajjo’s fake marriage act turns true.

The upcoming episode will show that Rajjo has lied about Kunj being her boyfriend.

Kunj has left with no
option but to say yes to save Rajjo.

Twinkle finds about it and is tensed to see her husband with someone else.

Kunj explains to Twinkle that it was all fake and he was trying to save Rajjo.

Kunj helps Rajjo
Twinkle and Kunj supports Rajjo, and helps her in reaching her boyfriend.

But Rajjo starts liking
Kunj’s caring and
supporting nature.

Rajjo now wants to marry Kunj and tries to be fool Twinkle.

Let’s see what will Rajjo do to get married to Kunj
and how will Twinkle save her relationship.

Pls do comment …..wanna know your reactions….

Is this true: the new spoiler


Is this true: the new spoiler


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