Young love epi-12 (Spcl Epi)

The episode starts with Ishaani removes his shirt button. Ranveer kisses her intimately and takes her near window and kisses her. He then removes her dupatta and kisses her. He brings her to bed and tells today is my best day in my life. Ishaani hugs him. He kisses her on neck and share some intimate moments….

Ritvik comes to house and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… Ishaani gets up in the morning and sees ranveer sleeping aside and laughs. She gets ready and sees shirt near window and takes it and comes to ranveer and wakes him up.

He gets up and sees Ishaani and asks where are u going? She tells not at all if we can go then OK. He gets up and comes close to her but she pulls him to bed and takes a dupatta and ties his hand on bed and tells today my chance

Becoz yesterday yours is over.. She kisses him and he tries to have a long lip lock but she moves. He tries to get up but someone knocks the door. Ishaani removes his hand and tells him to wear shirt. He pulls her closer Banjaara plays…..

Ishaani tells him to leave and opens the door. Doctor comes Inside and checks ranveer and tells he is fine u can take him to house. Ishaani asks doctor pls put injection. Ranveer shouts noooo and tells no I don’t like it. Ishaani gets idea and acts pls put otherwise he will beat me. Doctor tells does not needed and he leaves.

Ranveer comes to Ishaani and tells you are trying to make me cry? He holds her hand against the wall and ties her hand

Precap:Ritvik and radhika plans something. Neha comes there and tells from today I will plan everything.

Guys neha is the main villain of ishveer so be happy….

One joke for you all..

Man:Gives a pic to his friend and asks how is it?
Friend: Nice and asks him which app you used pls tell me?
Man:Comes out and tells if photo is colour all will ask which soap you use but they ask which app you use.????????????

How is this joke actually this is my real conversation with my best friend and I am the man. Pls think you will laugh for a while I will try to upload joke also with each and every epi

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-12 (Spcl Epi)


Young love epi-12 (Spcl Epi)


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