Raglak my love my angel (epi 1)

So guys i am back with my new ff i have written raglak she is my hope and u liked it hope you like my this ff also so here we start
a big.hospital is shown as we move in we see two men are going and one man has food plate in hand and they goes to a room room is full of dark and they switch on the light a boy is see sitting at corner and due to light he hide his face
men1: eat it
the boy remove his hand from face and look at men
boy: i dont want to be here i want to go out i want to see world i am not pagal
men2: stup up eat this food ok
boy get scared and take the food plate and start eating and slowly crying
and both men goes and lock the door
here boy inside
boy childish: god will send my angel to save me from u all and see ourside through window
boy: god send your angel na they give me shock its so paning please god and make a sad face like child
who is that boy and why are he here you will get all answer in my ff
if u like it please comment

Raglak my love my angel (epi 1)


Raglak my love my angel (epi 1)


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