Never let u go (Chpt 1)

hi Name is Dipika.You may have found me in comment section farha, thena, satz, gauri’s ff..
I m ” Jabra” fan of Aradhika n Manmarzian..So wants to write on this magical couple..First time in my life due to blessing of Ganpati bappa n insipration from Thena, farha m going to write a story.Please give reviews on this first chappi it means alot to me..
Never let u go……
Hotel Oberoi
A big conference hall is shown filled with all the high profile people including top business man,politicians ,filmstar n no. of business reporters.
“now not holding much your patience we r moving toward the much awaited award “ business man of the year” …I kindly request to industrial minister Mr wadhawani to present this award”
A politician around his mid 60’s came on stage. People welcome him by huge round of applause.
“I am really glad that I got this opportunity to give this award. I know you guys desperately wanted to knw the man who wins this precious award which defines tremendous n extra ordinary growth in their business. And this year which name is in my hand make me shocked cos despite being so young he clench this much success. This Award goes to The very young, intelligent ,talented ARJUN MEHRA”
NoW the sound of claps reach on other level…ppl are eager to see him.
A black n grey suited tall handsome dashing guy his muscle are steching at every moves of walking.his black eyes are shining with happiness his jaw bones are sharp he looks like model on business magazine cover entered and came on to dies. He has really very powerful confidence in his every move..Lots of girls skip their heart beats n gasp by seeing OUR Hero Arjun.
Arjun took Award from Mr Wadhwani and showed to the crowed. Mr wadhwani congratulate Arjun and ask him to share his feeling to the people.
“ Good evening ladies and gentleman, I want to thanks to My Father for this Award because of him am here. Thanks Dad this is for you!!! Because of his hardwork for me I clench this heights…wants to make it more higher n higher..Thank you all”
Now Media started to taking his interview he answer them humbly and confidently.
Suddenly one reporter come forward and asked Arjun question which make him furious.
Reporter “ MR Mehra we got to know about your mother. She didn’t live with you and your father .Is that true? And what’s the reason you hate her and other women ??
Arjun face turns red with anger he is clutching his fist to control his outburst..His dad MR Raj Mehra came on stage and handle the situation . “ Please do not ask personal question.only business related questions will get answered”
Arjun stand from his chair n walk out from hall.All the people started whispering about what happened just now…
Mehra Mansion
Arjun’s car entered from the huge Maharaja gate. Guard greeted him and opens the gate.
Mehra Mansion is the one of the lavish bungalow in city. Arjun entered into the house. Inner view of
House shown.
A huge lavish round shape hall having small but beautiful fountain at right side of entrance is situated in middle of left side of hall bar table situated behind it a rack which full of different liquors.
Arjun headed toward the bar table and on bar stool grab one bottle and started to drink.
“ are u that much of weak Arjun? That any outsider brake u…why u walked out from there??”
Raj said folding his hands on his chest.
“Dad u knw how I hated that women my so called mother he took her name and I couldn’t control my self”Arjun said furiously.
“Beta still your stuck with same thing. I paid to my deeds. Its my punishment that i lost her.i had taken her for granted never paid any attension toward her.How she always waited for me every day n night bt I didn’t see her love and engaged only in business and work..she found that support from another person. We got separated.I have forgiven her. So u should forget all this and forgive her beta…”Now raj had tears in his eyes ..
“but dad what is my fault in this..why she left me? You knw how I yearn for her love…she ruined my childhood…you forgive your wife but as mother I will never forgive her…I hate her..n I hate “ love” for that she leave us”Arjun is fuming in anger mixed pain…
Arjun walked into his room..
Morning time..
Arjun is doing exercise in his personalize gym. During doing crunches his each n every muscles reflexing..Full sweaty body makes him look much hot than usual..
Raj entered in the room..” good Morning My son” raj said..
Arjun “ good Morning Dad.have you done with jogging??..
Raj said annoyingly “ Yess…why r u always worried about my health? I have done all the exercise that doctor asked me to do…Happy now”
Arjun smirk” that’s like my dad ha”
“ now your turn to listen what I asked you to do….i have surprise for u…This is your tickets” raj said with exicitement and shows planes ticket..
“where m going” Arjun says in surprise….
“ Australia…for holiday..In this one year u have done so much work without having any I want u to get refresh” Raj says happily..
“ Dad I don’t need any holiday.. n I have many imp meetings in this week so I m not going any where” Arjun says annoyingly..
“ I know you will give answer like this.. I m ur dad so I have planned don’t get worried about work..N I know u can’t live without work so its work cum holiday trip…Our Advertising company “ bird song “ in Australia is going smoothly over there so u can join there and njoy holiday with work…MR Roy is managing very well there so u don’t get that much work…Now don’t say No. You have ur flight on tommarow..Neil will pick u up!”
“ What?? U informed Neil too” Arjun with surprised..
“ NO …this all is his plan…N beta enjoy ur life, travel all over the world not for business for urself , get a girl and fall in life to fullest” Raj
“ dad don’t start again…Okay m going to Autralia…Happy now??” Arjun says with sarcasm..
“ N about love .. my kind of girl still donot exist on this planet…n I don’t like that brainless wearing miniskirt girls who only ran after billionaires”Arjun
“ no beta.. You will get that “ ur kind of girl “ n surely change ur attitude toward love” Raj says confidantaly..
“Enough of the stupid love talk..i need to get ready for Australia” Arjun leaves from gym..

So this the first chppy..Our rude,angry arjun will get his kind of Girl? will radhika change his attiude toward love??

Next chappy Radhika will enter into story..

credits to – dipika

Never let u go (Chpt 1)


Never let u go (Chpt 1)


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