Diwana dil (Part 21)

Diwana dil (Part 21)

Asr takes kushi in his car. Kushi sits silently in car. Asr looks her from the mirror.
Kushi looks out of window and is surprised.
Kushi : Arnav ji…we crossed our house.
Asr puts a sudden break.
Kushi heads to leave. She feels someone holded her dupatta,she turns to see if it got caught in car.
But Arnav holds her dupatta.
ASR : Kushi get in.
Kushi : Why ?
ASR : I said get in.(authoritatively)
Kushi sits in the car involuntarily.
ASR keeps on driving…
He drives so fast
They reach a hill top,he drives towards the edge of hill.

Kushi screams loudly with fear.
He takes turn at the hill edge.
Kushi slowly opens her eyes.
Both gets down of car.

Kushi is surprised to see a path full of flowers,she walks on it.
The path leads her to a small tent. She goes inside she finds both ASR’s family pics and kushi’s family pics are arranged in between with the words written as “OUR FAMILY”

Kushi is very excited seeing that. She goes near the photos and touches them affectionately.

She keeps on walking the flowers path…she stops seeing balloons decorated.
Suddenly flying lanterns’ fly high into sky and is arranged in the form “KUSHI I LOVE YOU”.
Kushi is very happy seeing that.

She walks still further a cake is decorated with “Do you love me?”
She blushes.

She notices ASR is standing the other end,she runs and hugs him.
She cries whole heartedly.
Asr also hugs her tightly and smiles. He lifts her and rotates her in air.
Kushi smiles : Arnav ji stop please put me down.
Asr still rotates her and finally puts her down.
They both laughs out
Asr shouts out loudly:”I love you kushi”
It echoes from hill.
Kushi : “I love you too”.

Asr comes near kushi to kiss her.
Kushi : No Arnav ji we are just friends good friends(she says teasingly and smiles).
Asr keeps a pout face.
Kushi : See how innocently you kept your face. You killed me with your stupid joke.(she smiles and beats ASR).

Asr lays both his hands around kushi’s neck.
ASR : Kushi actually I didn’t joke.
Kushi is shocked again.

Coming episode:
ASR and Aakash brides name gets revealed.
Is it kushi and payal?

Diwana dil (Part 21)


Diwana dil (Part 21)

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