Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye Episode 1

Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye Episode 1


The episode begins with a girl doing aarti and singing. Her eyes is shown and she starts praying. Later her lips are shown as she starts talking.
Girl: Oh Ramji, I am really happy to be a part of this family. Please give me the strength and power to protect Gauri, and I know very well that I have been made a Kaala Teeka for a reason. But I don’t know if I will ever get to my destination, my identity. But more imprtanly, please keep Gauri and this family and protect them from all troubles.
Just then Madhuri comes downstairs.
Mad: Kaali!

The girl is none other than Kaali and she looks at Madhuri smiling.
Madhuri comes to Kaali.
Mad: Oh early rising, praying praying. Very good. Now wake Gauri up.
Kaali: Gauri?
Mad: Yes, Gauri she have a recording to do today right?
Kaali: Oh yes, let me wake her up.
And as Kaali is about to go,
Mad: Make sure she wakes up on time. I know its very hard and only you can do so.
Kaali: Okay, Madhuri Maa I will try to wake her up.

Here a girl is sleeping, and the alarm clock rings and she stops it and again falls asleep. Just then Kaali comes in.
Kaali: (in her mind) Now I have to do this.
Kaali: Gauri, wake up.
The girl turns out to be Gauri.
Gauri: No, Kaali let me sleep, please.
Kaali: Its very late now, Gauri quickly wake up.
Gauri: I don’t care let me sleep, if not I will complain to dad,
Kaali: Okay fine complain,to Barke Papa, if he gets to know that you didn’t do the recording than?
Gauri: I don’t know.

Kaali: Okay fine, I am going
Gauri wakes up.
Gauri: No, no fine I am waking up, I will go fresh up soon,
Gauri is looking for something, Kaali smiles.
Kaali: Here is your juice.
Gauri smiles,
Gauri: I didn’t even need to tell that what I need,
Gauru drinks the juice and Kaali puts her sandals in front of her and Gauri wears them and goes to fresh up.
Kaali smiles.

Kaali opens the wardrobe and decides which dress should Gauri wear, she takes out a blue tops.
Kaali: I think Gauri will wear this tops today.
As Kaali was about to take out the tops, Madhuri comes in.
Mad: Kaali, can you do me.a favour ?
Kaali: Sure.

Madhuri gives Kaali a white tops,
Mad: I brought this top for my buchi pie yesterday can you make sure she wears this as she listens to you only.
Kaali looks at Madhuri.
Mad: Your silence says everything you can make her wear this tops right? I have to go now before buchi pie comes.
Madhuri leaves.
Kaali: But Madhuri Maa
Kaali: (in her mind) Now what to do?
Just then Gauri calls Kaali out
Gauri: Kaali, can give me the blue tops?
Kaali gives her the white tops.
Gauri: I asked for blue not white.
Kaali: Gauri, I think you should wear white today as it represents purity and purity is a very big thing in music,
Gauri doesn’t do anything, and later takes the white tops,
Gauri: Okay fine, I am going to wear this white tops.
Kaali smiles. Just then Jeethi calls Kaali.
JT: Kaali! Where are you?
Kaali: I must complete all the work Jeethi maa give me so that I can go to the studio with Gauri to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Kaali leaves.

Here Jeethi calls Kali.
JT: Kaali, today your job is to clean all the furniture.
Kaali quickly tries to clean them so that she can go with Gauri.
JT: (in her mind) Now I will see how can Gauri’s Kaala Teeka can go with her. Vishwa is not here so I can take advantage of this situation.
Just then Manjiri comes,
Manji: Jeethi bhabi why are you giving Kaali so much work she have to go with Gauri outside.
JT: Hey Manji bahu, I am the eldest one here, Vishwa gave me the responsiblities of this house,
Just then Gauri comes downstairs.
Mad: I knew my buchi pie will wear my tops.
Gauri looks at Kaali.

Gauri: (in her mind) So that was the reason why Kaali told me to wear this tops? But how to bring her along with me?
JT: Gauri, you have a recording today right, you are getting late go quickly.
Gauri: But JT Kaki, Kaali is my
JT: I know Kaali is your Kaala Teeka, she will come later don’t worry.
Manji: Kaali can do all these work later also, let her go.
JT: I don’t even have the right to say what my daughter have to do.
Gauri: Okay fine, I am going,

Gauri goes and stands outside. Neelkanth comes.
Neel: What happened Gauri, you are standing here?
Gauri: I want to go with Kaali, but JT kaki?
Neel: Oh I get it, never mind I will manage everything,
Neel comes in.
Neel: Mom, have you cooked lunch?
JT: Yes, Beta I have cooked you can have some.
Neel: Not only me, Vishwa kaka is coming now he called me just now.
JT: but he said he will come at night.
Neel: No Maa he called me just now, I can call him.
JT: No Neelkanth, I believe you. Kaali you can go with Gauri now.
Kaali: But the furniture?
JT: No problem, you can clean them some other day, now go quick.
Kaali leaves and Neelkanth winks at her, Kaali smiles.
Kaali: (in her mind) Thank you, Neel Bhaia

Kaali comes to Gauri. Gauri hugs Kaali.
Gauri: Finally you have come.
Kaali: Luckily, Neel Bhaia helped us out,
Gauri: Yes, now let’s go we are getting late.
Kaali and Gauri leaves,

Here, a guy is explaining about profit and loss in a business. And just then a guy raises his pen. He is Yug.
Yug: I think innovation is required to gain profit.
Guy: Sir, it has got a lot of risk related.
Yug: Risk must be taken, and people are always eager to see something new, there is no use of just using the same thing over and over again.
The guy looks at Yug.
Yug: If you observe carefully, if we chose something new people will definitely love to try it and if they like it sales will increase if not it will not increase and when we see an indication immediately we can know the value of the good.
Guy: I haven’t even thought about it sir.
Yug: So its finalized we will release innovative goods at the market.The meeting is over now.
All the staffs leave, and someone calls Yug on the phone.
Yug: Is everything ready?
Yug smiles,
Yug: Good, I will be reaching there soon.

Here Gauri and Kaali, comes to the recording room. The assistant calls.
Assistant: Gauri Jha!
Gauri: Yes, I am Gauri Jha.
As Gauri is about to go in with Kaali,
Assistant: Who is this?
Gauri: My sister, Kaali.
Kaali looks at Gauri.
Gauri: She came here to support me,
Assistant: She can also go in.
Gauri and Kaali goes in.

RJ looks at them,
RJ: Who is Gauri Jha among the both of you.
Gauri: Me.
Gauri sits down.
RJ: Now you may begin to sing.
Kaali starts praying,
Kaali (in her mind) Hey Ramji, I hope Gauri can sing very well,
Gauri starts singing, in a totally out of tune, the RJ is stunned and Kaali closes her eyes by banging her head with her hand,
RJ: Get oiut of here! Right now!
Gauri stands up,
Gauri: (in her mind) Oh no what will I answer mom and dad now. Gauri looks at Kaali.
Gauri: Stop!
RJ looks at Gauri.
Gauri: I am not the one who is singing, she is the one who is singing.
Gauri brings Kaali .
Kaali: But Gauri?
Gauri: She is the singer,
RJ: But just now you said that you are the singer,
Gauri: This was just a prank, she sings so well and that’s why I sang out of tune. I won’t let you listen to her singing so easily,
RJ: This much confidence!
Gauri: Just let her sing,
RJ: Okay fine.
Gauri:: Give me a minute, she is feeling nervous I need to speak with her a minute,
RJ: Okay sure but do it fast.

Gauri and Kaali goes to a corner and talk,
Kaali: Me and sing? But how?
Gauri folds her hand,
Gauri: Kaali please I am doing this for mom and dad please agree,
Kaali: But this is wrong,
Gauri: Okay fine, I will go and tell them everything and then mom and dad will be sad,
As Gauri was about to go,
Kaali: Okay, Gauri I am ready.
Gauri smiles and hugs Kaali.
Gauri: I knew it,

Kaali and Gauri comes,
RJ: Are you ready or now also you have some issues?
Gauri: She is ready now,
Kaali sits down near the mike,
RJ: Now you can sing.
Kaali closes her eyes and starts singing Ramji very beautifully. Gauri and the RJ are stunned at her beautiful voice. Kaali finishes singing and the RJ stands up and claps for Kaali.
RJ: Really, you have a swet voice you are too good,
Gauri and Kaali smiles,
RJ tells assistant to call the boss. Gauri and Kaali looks on.
RJ: whats your name
As Kaali was about to reply,
Gauri: Gauri. Her name is Gauri.
Kaali looks at Gauri and Gauri gestures Kaali to forgive her,
Assistant: But just now you say you are Gauri and she is Kaali.
Gauri: I was just joking, I am Kaali , she is Gauri.
Assistant: Really?
Gauri: Yes, I am speaking the truth right Gauri?
Kaali nods yes,
And just then the boss comes, the RJ and boss discuss with each other,
Boss: Miss Gauri, we have decided that this song will be broadcasted on radio today. And if we get a good response within a week, we may make you the voice of this radio.
Kaali is having mixed reaction and Gauri smiles.
Boss: For now you can leave,

Gauri gestures Kaali to speak.
Kaali: Thank you.
And as they were about to go,
Boss: Wait!
Gauri and Kaali looks,
Boss: Today at 3pm, this will be broadcasted do listen.
Gauri: Sure sir.

Here Yug and his friend Varun are in the car and Varun is driving the car.
(By any chance if you didn’t read the introduction you can assume Saral from Manmarziyan as Varun)
Varun: Is everything ready?
Yug: They said its ready.
Varun switches on the radio.
Yug: Listening to radio, seriously I wonder what is so good about it?
Varun: You can know news of everything and also songs.
Yug: Oh please.
And just then the RJ says,
RJ: now its time to listen to the voice of this week’s lucky winner Gauri.
Yug: Gauri? So many Gauris, you know even aunt’s niece name is also Gauri. What’s so special about this name?
Varun: I just love Gauri.
Yug: Did you say anything?
Varun: No, no just listen to this Gauri’s song.
And just then Kaali’s ramji’s song is given on the radio. Yug gets lost listening to her voice and gets mesemerized as Varun was about to switch off the radio, Yug holds his hand.
He continues listening to it his hair starts to blow.
And the song ends.
RJ: You have listened to the song, but we will give it again.
And as Varun was about to close the radio,
Yug: Don’t you dare switch off the radio this time,
Varun is surprised and he listens to the song again.
Yug: This singer s voice is so sweet,
Varun: Isnt it? You were telling me to switch off.
Yug: Okay I am sorry.
Varun: There are also very good singers what is so special about this voice?
Yug: This voice represents innocencs, purity, kindness and also care.
Varun looks at Yug.
Yug: It seems I know her,
Varun: I think you have gone crazy, I am sorry for making you listen the radio.
Yug: Thank you very much, because of you I found my love, my apple of my eye,
Varun lookes at Yug surprised, Yug smiles,
The episode ends.

Precap: Kaali is looking for something in a crowd smiling, and as Yug was about to go, he collides with Kaali, and they both roll over each other and Kaali’s dupatta falls on both of them. Music plays.

I have some internet issues from 20th march to 30th March. I will try to publish it if possible among these days. If not I will publish two or three episodes on consecutive days after 30 March. And if I publish among these days I will inform beforehand.

Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye Episode 1


Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye Episode 1

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