A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 26

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 26

Today no blabbering…..directly start of with the 26th episode… Hope u guys will like it.

Scene 1 (taneja house)
All return home and are very sad.
Leela and Rt go to twinkle and Mahi’s room…Rt picks up twinkle and Mahi’s pic kept besides the bed and cries bitterly…leela hugs him from side and cries too…they remice twinkle and Mahi’s childhood and all the lovely moments spent with them.
Leela wipes hers as well as Rt’s tears.
Leela: Ohk now that’s enough we won’t cry anymore… we must be happy that both our daughters have got such loving husbands and family…they will always be happy there.
Rt: Yess u r right leela…I am thankful to Babaji for giving both our dolls their prince charmings…I hope they get all the happiness in life.
Both of them smile.

Scene 2(sarna house)
Yuvi’s room (from now yuhi’s room)
Yuvi goes and sits besides Mahi…she is shy…yuvi lifts her head up and cups her face…he first gives a gentle kiss on her forehead… Mahi hugs him….kabi Jo baadal barse plays in the background.
Yuvi then kisses her cheeks…neck…and finally moves towards her lips…mahi closes her eyes…they have a deep lip lock….yuvi then makes her lie down and they consummate their marriage.

Kunj’s room(from now twinj’s room)
Twinj enter the room and find it all decorated…just the way a first night room shud be… With all rose petals every where.
Both of them feel awkward.
Kunj: Aaaa…ummm…twinkle u go and change first…I’ll go after u.
Twinkle simply nods…she opens her suitcase and the top most dress is a 4 piece night gown…she get pinni’s note saying “for ur first night…enjoy”
Kunj sees it but acts like he didn’t and looks here and there… Twinkle quickly hides it and takes out a night dress(which she usually wears in the real show) and goes to change.
Till then kunj cleans up all the rose petals and flowers from the bed.
Twinkle changes and comes out kunj takes his clothes and moves towards the bathroom twinkle doesn’t see him they collide and bang their heads with each other.
Kunj: Aaaauuuccchhh…ufff can’t u see and walk.

Twinkle: Acchaa…don’t u have eyes to see…even u cud have seen na.
Kunj holds her arm and pulls her close to him.
Twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach.
They are very close…. kunj leans towards her face…sajnave plays.
Twinkle closes her eyes.
Twinkle: Kkk..kuuunnn…kunjjj tum…
Kunj slowly touches his head with hers.
Kunj: Ummm…voo..actually bebe says that banging of head once is a bad sign…so u must bang it once again… and I don’t want anything bad to happen in our new life.
Twinkle: Ohhhh ohk….but cud u leave me now.
Kunj quickly leaves her.
Kunj: Ohhh…umm…I’m sry…I’ll change and come
He leaves… Twinkle smiles.
After some time kunj comes out wearing a stylo west and gray sweatpants.
Twinkle looks at him
Twinkle in her mind: Haayyy Babaji…kitna hot lag raha hai….omg what am I thinking… Ho kya gaya hai mujhe…mujhe ye sadu sarna hot lag raha hai….waise hot to sach mai lag raha hai…no twinkle aisey galat khayal mat laa apne dimag mai plzzz.
Kunj looks at her staring at him and lost in her thoughts.
He claps and calls out her name.
Twinkle: (Suddenly) no no I was not thinking anything like that…I swear.
Kunj: What u were not thinking..?? Are u fine…were are u lost.
Twinkle: Nothing… I’m just tired…come let’s sleep.
Kunj gives her his most famous 1 eyebrow up look.

Twinkle: I mean let me sleep.
She goes and sleeps on the bed…kunj takes a blanket from the cupboard and goes to sleep on the couch.
Twinkle gets up and holds his hand…they share an eye lock…sajnave plays.
Kunj: Now what….??
Twinkle: Ummm…kkkuuu…kunjjj…see…actually.
Kunj: Ummm…actually mat ker…bol kya bolna hai.
Twinkle: Actually kunj….u remember in Kashmir wen there was just a single bed…we had shared the bed right so u can….
Kunj: No its fine twinkle u go and sleep.
Twinkle: See kunj…I’m saying this as I will feel guilty if bcoz of me u will be troubled…and that too in ur own room….and I trust u…I know u won’t…
Kunj: But I don’t trust u….mujhey tere iraade think nahi lag rahe…kyun itna piche padi hai bed share kerne k liye…??
Twinkle: (annoyed) ohhh plzzz…let it be…tumsey to baat hi kerna bekaar hai…jaao jahan sona hai sojao.
She angrily turns to go to the bed.
Kunj holds her arm and pulls her towards him.
They come really close…due to the sudden jerk twinkle’s hair come on her face…kunj gently moves his fingers on her cheeks to move the hair off her face…she looks at him lovingly and enjoys his touch…tum Jo aaye zindagi mai baat ban gayi…plays in the background.
Kunj: Offffooo siyappa queen gussa kyun ho rahi hai….mazak ker raha tha…chal border banate hain….ya border bhi…

Twinkle moves.and turns her face and blushes.
Twinkle: Shut up…mai bas apne guilt ki wajah se tumhe soney de rahi hun bed per….koi doubt mat rakhna(still blushing)
They make the border and go to sleep.
They face opp sides and have a broad smile on their face…they go to sleep.
Its morning.
Usha is knocking twinj’s rooms door.
Usha: Twinkle…kunj puttar open the door…twinkle its ur first rasooi today come down fast.
Twinj are still sleeping.
Kunj gets up hearing the noize….he quickly gets up and goes to open the door…then realizes that if maa sees the border we will be in trouble.
Kunj is about to go and remove to border wen usha knocks harder.
Usha: Tum dono thik to ho na…I guess I sud call everyone… Y are they not opening the door.
Kunj gets tensed and quickly rushes to open the door.
He opens the door only a bit and asks usha what happened.
Usha: Ohhh thank god u opened the door…I got tensed.
She tries entering in the room asking about twinkle

Kunj stops her.
Kunj: Uummm…maa..voo… twinkle bathroom mai hai….jaise hi aati hai mai use taiyar ker ke…I mean taiyar ho ker nichey janey bolta hun.
Usha smiles naughtily and leaves from there.
Kunj thinks : Aaj to ye border ke wajah se maare jatey….haasssshhh.
He goes in and wakes twinkle up.
Twinj get ready and come down.
Maya pulls their leg.
Maya: Itna late kyun ho gaya….raat bhar soye nahi kya…she laughs.
Twinkle puts her head down and feels very awkward.
Kunj: Ummm….I guess rasam ke liye late ho raha hai….twinkle tu ja maa ne kitchen mai bulaya hai…I have some work I’ll just come.
Twinkle goes to kitchen… Mahi is already there.
Mahi: Aaa gayi to finally…. Aisa kya kiya raat bhar Jo subha neend hi nahi khuli…she teases her.
Twinkle: Diii I’m already late let’s start cooking.

Twinkle prepares kheer and Mahi prepares halwa.

They off the burners….usha calls them as guruji has come to meet them…they go.
Behind them after some time Anita enters the kitchen… She sees two vessels kept on the burner….she purposely puts on the burners so that all the food gets burnt….she smirks.
Anita: Poor twinkle and mahi….all their hard work will go in the dust bin….now what will they serve their family members….sooo saddd.
She laughs.
The screen freezes on her laughing face.

PRECAP- Bebe and Maya plan twinj and yuhi’s honeymoon….twinj cute nokjhok.

Heyy guys thanx for all ur comments,love and support… luv u guys to the moon and back….plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments… All sorts of comments are welcome…. Stay blessed.

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 26


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 26

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