Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 14)

Raman tied the dori again and like a man on a mission he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her whilst walking to the hotel.
Ishita struggled to keep up with Raman as he just walking urgently through the lobby to the elevator.
Reaching their room Raman slammed the door behind him ……..
”You will be the death of me, Ishita” he mumbled……

Just like every night before Raman took his time indulging the pleasures of love, exploring every inch of her body.

Next morning they were awaken by Raman phone that kept on going off.
An angry Raman answers the phone with a very threatening tone.

His tone quickly changed to forgiving, startled even as he hang up she could sense that something was wrong.
Ishita we need to go back home, Adi is in the hospital he took a nasty fall….
Raman was already on the phone cancelling the rest of the week and arranging for a flight back.
At the back of his mind he was kind of disappointed that they couldn’t stay longer as their relationship have gotten stronger….but on the other hand he needed to see that his son was ok.

Ashok was abroad with business and Shagun didn’t know who to call for help.
She loved having a certain control over him as she knew that Adi was his weakness.

Reaching home they went straight to the hospital.
Ishita has never seen Raman like this, not even with Ruhi……..
He walked straight to the front desk Aditya Raman Bhalla what room is he in? He almost ordered to the stunned reception staff.

He ran to the elevator getting in just as the door closes.
Leaving a shocked Ishita at door looking at the in astonishment
Ishita was visibly hurt by his actions, He didn’t even wait for me……..What has gotten into him…she wondered.

Reaching the room Shagun was relieved that Raman cancelled all this meetings to attend to Adi.
As she came closer to Raman trying to explain what happened to Adi, touching his arm
She started fake crying waiting for him to console her…..Raman being the gentleman did just that.

Raman and Shagun in a loving embrace……
That was the sight Ishita walked in on…….
Raman is Adi ok? Ishita asked causing him to turn around.

What is she doing here? Shagun rudely questioned.
She is my wife Shagun, why wouldn’t she be here? Raman snared angrily.
He moved to Ishita leaving a fuming Shugan looking on.
Well Ishita, Adi is fine for now …I was just going to speak to the doctor now…

I‘ll be back he said leaving the two ladies in an awkward silence.
Why did you come? She asked.
You have nothing that concerns you here, Shugan declared.
Adi is my son…..mine and Raman’s …..
I won’t let you steal my son like you did Ruhi.
I don’t even know what he sees in you?
Look you have no fashion sense…..He will never love you….
I’m his first love …I gave him children…What can you give him?
You can’t even have kids……………………

Did you see how he just left everything to come here….that’s the power I have.
Ishita was shaken by the last part by the statement.

I’m here to support Raman….We came straight here from the airport.
Wait …What you mean to tell me that you were with him in Goa? Shagun agitatedly scoffed.
Yes….he had business and asked me to accompany him.
Do you have a problem with that? Ishita said as she has become irritated.

Raman quickly came in breaking their discussion ……and quickly started explaining the situation with Adi.
Ishita excused herself to buy some coffee form Raman …as they didn’t have time for a coffee today.
She started thinking about everything that Shagun said……
“I’m his first love …I gave him children…What can you give him?
You can’t even have kids”
That part kept on repeating in her head, making her doubt herself….and her insecurities of the past came flooding back….

“Did you see how he just left everything to come here….that’s the power I have.”
Does Raman still love Shagun?she started questioning herself as a tear rolled down her cheek.
She quickly dried her eyes just as Raman walked up to her from behind…
Ishita, Adi is stable now we can go home I asked Shagun to phone me if there is any changes.
You can stay Raman its fine …she answered a shaken Ishita.
The evidence of her tears clear to a perplexed Raman.
Leaving a baffled Raman standing alone looking on as she walked out of the door.

Their romantic time spend was unexpectedly cut short .

Ishita’s mind was working overtime with doubt …playing the events of today out.
Shaguns words cut her deep….she were just beginning to heal those old wound …
She felt unwanted and the hurt resonated in her eyes.

Raman was confused….Why didn’t Ishita want me to come home with her? He thought.
Was that tear stains on her face he questioned.
Why would she be crying he too was experiencing some doubt…he quickly squashed any of those thoughts.

He went back in to Adi’s room finding Shagun talking on the phone to one of her friends.
He overhears her boasting about how she got him to drop everything and come……
The next part knocked the wind out of him

I won’t let her steal my son like she did Ruhi.
I don’t even know what he sees in her?
I mean have you seen how she dresses
I’m his first love …I gave him children…
What can she give him?
She can’t even have kids

Shagun went on talking blissfully unaware of a smouldering Raman standing in the door.

Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 14)


Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 14)


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