An unknown love story (episode 13)

An unknown love story (episode 13)

Hello guys I dont know but I wanted to give two updates so first one u would have read it so here is the second one.
Precap: Swasan outing. Dharun saw Swasan together.
The episode starts with Dharun brought Swara to the house followed by Priya.
In the hall
Swara: Dharun I……
A big sound is heard repeatedly and Priya is frozed to see Dharun slapping Swara.
Dharun: I told u na not to meet him I accept he married u but its all fake and slaps her.
Swara cries: Dharun plz listen Sanskar is not like u think he is changed I love him.
Dharun again raise his hand but Sumi hugs Swara.
Dharun: Maa leave her how dare she.
In Sanskar house…

Sanskar came to house and told what and all happened from the beginning.
Sanskar: Maa I am sorry but I cant think anything that time.
Ap and Dp smiles.
Dp: My Beti changed u this much.
Ap: ji lets leave I want to bring Swara with all rights letss go to Swara house.
Sanskar smiles and hugs them.
In Swara house…
Sumi: Dharun dont raise ur hand she is not ur sister any more she is someone wife.
Dharun: what….wife r u out of ur mind he is a brat.
Swara: No Dharun…
Sumi caresses Swara face it has red marks.
Sumi: r u mad Dharun see her face,
Dharun: u tell anything u want but I wont send her to him. They heard door bell sound.
Sumi: Priya take Swara to her room and Priya does.
Sumi opened the door and saw Sanskar with Ap and Dp.
Dp: Namaste we r Sanskar parents.
Sumi: Namaste plz come inside. They came inside Dharun saw Sanskar and he fumes in anger. All settle down.
Ap: Sumiji we came to know whatever happened.
Sumi: I know it should not have happened.
Dp: Nahi Sumiji these days we liked Swara very much.
Ap: we want to take Swara as our daughter with all rights. Dharun is shocked while Sumi is happy.
Dp: Sumiji u can ask Dharun and tell us ur decision because we want Dharun concern mainly.
Sumi looks ar Dharun and he took her to a room. Sanskar excused himself and walks to Swara room.
In Swara room.
Swara is crying and hugs Priya.

Priya: Swara dont cry plz yaar.
Swara: Priya believe me Sanskar is changed I know it but why Dharun is not accepting it.
Sanskar knocks at the door and came inside.
Sanksar: Priya can plz take ur friend for sometime.
Swara hides her face mark with her hair and face opposite to him. Priya nodes and leaves.
In other room….
Dharun: Maa what is this.
Sumi: Dharun look they are so nice they want to take Swara with ur concern only.
Dharun: Maa but they are nice only but Sanskar…
Sumi: I know u dont have believe on him I dont know anything what happened between you both but think about Swara.
Dharun thinks how happy she was with Sanskar.
In Swara room….
Sanskar: Swara I told Maa all the things .
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: they talking about our marriage.
Swara; hmm
Sanskar: Swara turn this side.

Swara doesnt reply.
Sanskar turns her.
Sanskar: Swara what hapened.
Swara: nothing. He sees something on her cheek and he removes the hair. Swara closes her eyes in pain. Sanskar is shocked to see the slap marks.
Sanskar: what is this Swara.
Swara: nothing Sanskar.
Sanskar; Dharun slapped u.
Swara: NoSanskar…
Sanskar: tell me the truth. Swara nodes yes.
Sanskar: I wont leave him so he hitted u many times right.
Swara: Sanskar he has right he is my all I told u na then he has the right to hit me.
Sanskar I cant tolerate it Swara how could u its all my fault I know about anger then also I left u.
Swara hugs him and says: No Sanskar now I feel happy if he didnt see us then you wouldnt told Maa now see we are going to get married.
Sanskar: is it paining Swara.
Swara: No now go down all will be waiting. Sanskar nodes and leaves.
Sanskar came down and Dharun Sumi also came.

Sumi: ji we are happy to get Swara and Sanskar married.
Dp: Dharun u…
Dharun: Uncle I am also happy for this marriage I want Sanskar to keep Swara always happy.
Sanskar: I promise Dharun I will keep happy always.
Sumi: then u both hug eachother.
Ap: Haan u r going to be saale na.
Sanskar and Dharun hug eachother.
Sanskar: how dare u to slap Swara.
Dharun: so u saw Swara right.
Sanskar: I would have killed him if it is not u.
Dharun: I hope u will keep up my promise
Sanskar: now she is my responsibility so u dont worry. And both depart.
Dp: Sumiji he will come with pandit tomorrow now we leave.
Sumi: ji and Sanskar Ap and Dp leaves.
In the evening.
Dharun ordered pizza and it came.
Priya: so u r going to convice Swara.
Dharun: Yeah Priya I feel bad to hit her but what can I do .
Priya: first u go to her she is crying now I leave to house.
Dharun: go carefully. Priya nodes and leaves.
In Swara room..
Dharun came inside and saw Swara weeping.

Dharun: Oh my princess is angry on me.
Swara wipes her tears.
Dharun: but I bought her favourite pizza what will I do.
Swara: I dont want it.
Dharun: oh Ok and sat infront of her.
Swara: go from here I wont talk to u.
Dharun: so what I am going to eat pizza the smell itself is calling. Swara swallowed her saliva seeing the pizza.
Dharun took a piece and is about to eat but Swara grabbed it.
Dharun: this is cheating .
Swara: No ur punishment u slapped me na now see I wil eat this full pizza.
Dharun holds his ears and says: Sorry Swara I am a bad brother na.
Swara hugs Dharun and says: u r the best brother u r my everything.
Dharun applies meds on her cheek and they eat together. Sumi sees this and prays.
Sumi: Bhagawan plz keep them happy like this no bad sight to be on them and leaves.

Precap: Wedding Preparation.

An unknown love story (episode 13)


An unknown love story (episode 13)

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