Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 8

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Twinj break their hug and smile at each other
They come to the cafeteria holding hands
Raghav and group looks at them shocked
Ra : guys r u seeing the same that I am ? Or is my eyes ditching me ? I have been seeing weird things since morning! Avni hits him with the tray and he shouts
Ra : ouch! !
A : oh congrats ur eyes r all fine cse u know I hit u
Raj gives an fake smile
Twinj cme to them
T : hi guys ,.. meet my bf kunj
All:wt ?
Kunj ur bf!!!
T : ya. ..blushing
R : oh freak! !! I guess u got an partner man
Even my eyes r seeing all weird stuffs
Twinkle and blushing! !!
He stands on his seat
R : Omg! !!! Breaking news !!! Twinkle blushing 4 d 1st time eva!!!
Twinkle empties the whole glass of water on his face
T : ur eyes seem refreshed now
Sia starts laughing looking at Raghav’s state
Raghav is mesmerised by her laugh and smiles
Romantic tone from humse hai life plays
Raghav comes back to his senses
R : u don’t need to laugh that much
Sia calms down but cd nt 4 long and bursts out in laughter again
Raghav splashes water at her
Sia is shocked at his act
S : oh bhagwan! !! Raghav! !!
He too starts laughing at her ..
She empties the whole catchup on him
Sia laughs
Raghav face packs sia with pizza slice
They start throwing food items on each other and the whole cafeteria seems to have turned into an battle field
Twinj try to stop them but they get hit too
Even they get involved until the whole cafeteria is decorated with an unique art
Principal comes there
P :(shouts ) wt is this ! !
Ops an last shot of tomato over his face
T : gone now
P : (shouts ) Agh! !!!!!

Everyone is seen having their share of work in the cafeteria
T : oh god !! So much more to clean! !!
its all because of u Raghav
R : wt did I do ? U splashed water on me 1st
Nor u wd have done that nor this pushpa wd laugh at me and nor wd I start the great war!!!
Twinkle and Raghav look at opposite direction
Ra : guys 4gt it if v don’t clean it 2 day we’re gone!!
Finally everyone get an victorious smile on their faces

Twinj are together walking by the corridor when someone bumps into kunj and falls right over him
(My new entry)
Her hair falls right over his face
She gets up at once and sets her hair fine
She looks at her dress filled In dirt
M : can’t u see and walk ?(looking downwards )
She looks up to find an handsome figure b4 her
She stops her argument
K : am so sorry
Twinkle hits him on his head
T : y r u telling her an sorry ? It’s her fault
M : excuse me !!! So u r gonna tell me who is r8 and who is wrong. . 1st look at urself in the mirror behenji !!!
T : oh really! !! u seem to look quite boring in this outfit
Short jeans and an strawberry pink colour top
M : wt wd behenjis like u understand of fashion !!!
K : twinkle let’s go
T : don’t u dare speak to me like that
U r an new commer and stay so !!! Don’t try to get over smart
She leaves angrily leaving an tensed kunj behind
Kunj follows her
K : twinkle listen to me
Maya smirks
U r gonna know of wt I am baby very soon

Twinkle comes to d class angrily and parks her stuffs to leave
Kunj comes to her
K : twinkle wt r u doing?
T : dancing
K : oh ya let me join u
He dances on matargashti
And tries convincing her throughout the song
Finally he loses his balance and falls down
Twinkle starts laughing and he smiles seeing her beautiful laughter
Twinkle comes to him and offers her hand
Kunj gives his and pulls her down and she falls over him
Kunj is holding her by her waist and twinkle’s hands r on his chest
Twinj share an romantic eye lock… bakhuda plays
K : I’ll always make u smile wn u r sad
That’s my promise
T : no..don’t take me wrong but I was sympathetic towards u and nothing else
She gets up and so does he
K : siyappa queen! ! U must reduce Ur weight!
u r so heavy! !! Oh heavens ! I wd have got crushed any moment
Twinkle hits him on his chest
T : so mean of u karoos sarna. . And don’t u dare address me as siyappa queen! !!
K : i will siyappa queen (teasing manner)
She stamps him hard on his foot and leaves
K : siyappa queen! !!!

Avni and raj walk together
A : Wow today’s day was just so awesome!!!!
Ra : ya but wt abt it’s fruit?
A : i love to do household chores so I didn’t mind it
Ra : that’s great .. This one’s ma 1st eva experience
the home Maid does it all 4 us
A : well got to go …. bye
Ra : bye
avni isn’t trying to find an auto ŕaj comes to her in his pulser
Ra : cme I’ll drop u
A : no its K I’ll have an auto
Ra : i don’t think u will ever reach home … now cme and sit behind .. u won’t get any autos here
A : oh i didn’t know that , it’s k I’ll go
Ra : will u cme now !
A : but in bike
Ra :( laughing) so ie y
don’t worry M not gonna hurt u
she goes and sits
Ra : hold me or else u may fall
A : no m 5ne
Ra : don’t act stupid just do as I say
Avni wraps her hand around his waist
Raj smiles and they leave
ishq bulava plays
everything going on well until an sudden break was applied
avni falls over Raj
A : y did u apply an sudden break !!
Ra : avni get down
They both get down
Ra : oh man !
A : wt happened?
She looks at the road to find someone fallen unconscious
Raj goes to the person and turns him
his face is revealed
avni runs to him and cries bhaiyya! !!!

precap : avni’s brother is taken to the hospital
an new turn in ravni’s and twinj’s love story

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Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 8


Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 8


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