SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 2)

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At the Park.
A boy was doing jogging in the park having earplug in his ears.His smile was making his face more glowing and handsome.Afte doing 10 rounds of the park,he go towards a mansion having name plate ‘Maheshwari Mansion’.He entered in the mansion and saw a lady working in the kitchen,he saw her and hugged her back
Guy:Good morning Maa.
(The lady turns around and she was Anupurnaa ,a loving and caring mother and a dutiful wife.)
Ap:Good Morning Sanskar.
(This is Sanskar the youngest son of the Maheshwari famil,a good and handsome businessman,having little attitude but only for strangers and a funloving guy and most important Swara’s only love.)
Ap:Good you have came I was preparing breakfast.Your dad,bhai and di must be coming in few minutes.
Sanskar:Ok mom I will come in few minutes after getting ready for the office.
Sanskar goes upstairs into his room and directly enter into the washroom.After geeting ready he came out from there and asusual he was looking dam handsome.He go towards the dressing and saw his mobile he opened it and saw a message.When he read the message it was from Swara a smile appeared on his face.
Sanskar(smiles):This girl is crazy.(He was about to reply when)
Sanskar(Monologue):Sanskar What are u doing dude?Don’t reply her if u reply her you both will want to talk further.So don’t reply her,she will get dishearted and may be she will not message u again.After saying this he he did not reply her and go to downstairs.When he goes to downstairs he see his dad,bhai and sister at the breakfast table.he greeted them.
Sanskar:Good Morning everyone.
Dp(smiles):Good Morning beta.Come have breakfast.
Sanskar sits down and started hi breakfast.
Adarsh:Dad today we have meeting with Mr.Gupta.
Dp:OK.Adarsh you will handle this meeting and Sanskar u will work with me on a project>
Sanskar nods his head in yes.
Adarsh:Sanskar do u have any plans for today?
Sanskar:Not really bhai just a get together with school friends after office.But why you are asking?Do you have some work with me?
Adarsh:No!I was just asking.
After completing breakfast Dp and Adarsh stands up.
Dp:Anupurnna,we are leaving.
Sanskar was about to stand up.
Dp:No Sanskar,first u complete ur breakfast then come to the office.
Sanskar:Ok. dad,bhaiya bye.
Dp and Adarsh left for office,Uttara and watches them leaving than asked Sanskar.
Uttara(dramatically):Till when my brother will do outing with his boyfriends?
Sanskar:Boyfriends?What do mean di?
Uttara:I mean when u will go on a date with a girl?
Sanskar(irritated):Not again di.
Uttara:No really Sanskar,ok tell me truth, Do you like girls na?(teasingly)
Sanskar:Diiii.What are you saying?
Uttara(laughs):Chill Sanky,I was just kidding.But seriously I never listened a name of a girl from ur mouth except on name
Sanskar:Which name?
Uttara:Oh ho Sanky don’t u remember,In ur school days u take the name of that girl and and talk about her.
Sanskar:Swara!(He said her name with the flow)
Uttara:Yes,means u still remember her.Do you remember,how much u talked about her?
Uttara:Sanky,tell me about ur today’s school day.
Sanskar:Oh di It was Owsum .Me and Swara both enjoyed a lot.
Sanskar:Oh sorry di I forgot to tell u about her.Swara Gadodia we have become best friends,you know she is not only beautiful but she is very different from other girls.She is studious,friendly,caring,well-behaved and di she is so innocent just like a small kid.I LIKE HER SO MUCH.
Uttara:Your every talk Starts from Swara and End on Swara.
Sanskar(smiles):Ya I remember.
Uttara:Are u still in conact with her?
Sanskar(immediately lies):No di!Ok I am leaving for office ok Bye di Bye maa(in a hurry)
Ap:Sanskar finish ur breakfast beta.
Sanskar:No maa I am done.
Ap:What happened to him?
Uttara:Don’t know.

At Hospital
Swara opened her eyes and wipe her tears.
Swara(Monologue):No Swara u can’t be weak and u can’t give up.Your love is your strength,courage and every thing .You should fight with for ur love with ur love.
Swara:Yes I will not give up. My heart says that he also have feelings for me but he is hiding it.I have the believe that he is in my fate,infact he is my fate and I will not loose it(with a determined voice).
She stands up and go out from her cabin to take a round of the hospital.She was going and her feet stops when she her something familiar.

In The Traffic
Sanskar was about to change the channel of the F.M but his hands also stops.

RJ:Ok guys it’s a message fom Sheetal.She asked me to play Hasi(Female version) from Humari Adhuri Kahani.She further says that she wanted to confess her feelings for her lover through this song.WOW that’s nice Ok Sheetal I will play this song for u.
Swara and Sanskar remembered their moment.
Swara and Sanskar were in the classroom alone.
Sanskar:Ok Swara tell me .How will you confessed ur feeling to ur lover?
Swara:Do u really wanted to know?
Sanskar:Yes afocurse.
Swara:OK let me think first.
Swara after thinking stands up and stands in front of Sanskar and started to sing
Haan aa o…
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

Swara knee down in front of Sanskar and says
Swara:My morning starts from your name and my night never ends without remembering u.I really love u and I can wait for u till my hope lasts.
Swara and Sanskar have a intense eyelock.
Swara (stands up) :So how was that?
Sanskar(surprisingly):It was owsum yr.If u will propose someone like this,he will not say no.
Swara:Even you?
Sanskar:Even me.(Sanskar realizes what Swara asked and he stares at her lovingly while she started to talk about other things)
Swara :(showed her hand in front of him) What happened?Where are u lost Sanskar?
Sanskar:Han…. Me? nowhere yr.
Sanskar came out of thoughts with the sound of horns.He immediately turn off the F.M and with a smile he started to go for his office.
Swara also came out from thoughts with the ring of her mobile.She have a smile and tears in her eyes.
Swara:Yes Dr. Vikram I’m coming.
And she left

Episode Ends.

SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 2)


SWASAN-Love Is Not TO Give UP (Episode 2)


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