Qubool Hai 13th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rahim ask soldiers to start sword fighting with kids, all kids take sword in their hands, Salim recalls how Murad taunted him, Salim starts practicing with one soldier, Soldier ask Salim to concentrate, Salim recalls how haidar asked him to come to tree in leisure hours, Rahim comes to Salim and says that where is your concentration, make sword part of your body and fight with full power, all kids are involved in fighting, Rahim says stop now, its break and then we will do archery, Haidar says to Murad that you are amazing with sowrd, you will be great warrior and look at our heir, he cant even hold sword, Salim listens this and is frustrated.
Anarkali is with her friends Qadir and Sakina, Qadir is throwing stones at mango tree to get mango but couldn’t get success, he says I will go on tree to get mangoes, Sakina says this is royal garden, I am not in this, she runs from there, Anarkali says to Qadir that she is stupid, I am with you, you go on tree, no one will come, Qadir jumps on tree. Salim comes on other side of tree and says that they make fun of heir, now I will target the mango and will tell Murad that I deserve this archery kit. Salim sees same mango tree and fires the arrow, this time instead of hitting mango, it hits Qadir who is sitting on tree, he falls from tree, Salim is shocked seeing him injured, Anarkali sees Salim, Salim starts crying and runs from there, Anarkali calls Sakina, Anarkali ask Qadir to not worry, Qadir screams in pain, Anarkali thinks that what you did prince Salim.
Scene 2
Qadir is unconscious in his house, he is being treated, doctor says to grandmother of Qadir that Qadir is critical, we have to wait till night, Dadi says that my son and daughter in law died, I only have Qadir, why did he attack Qadir, Anarkali says that Prince Salim, the son of king Jalal did all this, doctor ask what are you saying? Anarkali says I saw with my eyes, he attacked Qadir with his arrow, Dadi says who will give me justice, Anarkali says king Jalal, his work is to give justice, go to him with your complaint, he will listen to you.
Salim comes in jodha’s room and sadly sits on bed, Jodha ask what happened to you? I think you are tired, I know its difficult to practice sword fighting but you will be fine, Jodha ask is there anything to worry? SAlim says no I am just tired, Jodha ask shamshad to bring milk for Salim, SAlim says no I am not hungry, I am sleep, Salim lies in Jodha’s lap, Jodha says you know you will be great warrior one day, Salim recalls how he had hit Qadir.
Qubool hai 13th November 2014 Written Update
Grandmother comes to Palace, soldier let her in in palace.
All kids are are playing, Salim is sitting in corner, Kids ask him to come to play. Salim says I am not in mood, Salim finds grandmother coming in palace alongwith her injured grandson, Qadir, Salim is shocked and says have they come to complain to Jalal?
Zil bahar ask Anarkali are you sure? Anarkali says I saw Salim with my own eyes hitting Qadir, I told everything to grandmother, zil bahar says what was the need to do this, Anarakali says I have told truth to her only, all human are equal, bahar says that if Jalal calls you in court then remain silent in court, Anarkali says but I will say truth only, zil says that Jalal is our owner and Salim is just a chuld, he may have done the mistake, its not his sin but a mistake so don’t open your mouth in court.
Scene 3
Jalal is listening to complains in open court, grandmother comes in court with her grandson, She is crying, Jalal ask the matter, and ask who injured him? I will give justice, grandmother says Qadir is my only hope to live, Jalal says I promise that I will punish the culprit, Grandmother tells him everything, Jalal ask the name of culprit, Grandmother says culprit is from palace only, Jalal ask to tell, you don’t have to be afraid, who did this sin. Grnadmother says I am afraid that you might not punish him, Jalal says no I am here to give justice so be fearless and tell name, Grandmother says culprit is heir Prince Salim, Jalal and all are shocked.Jalal says you know whom you are alleging, she says yes i know but this is truth, Ruks says that this old lady has gone mad or this is trick to insult mughal sultanta, Grandmother says that i am living my last breaths, why would i lie infront of king, you have to do justice king, Jalal says i will do that, Jalal ask Rahim wdid you see SAlim hitting this kid? Rahim says no, we all were there practicing, nothing of this sort happened there, all kids are called in palace, Salim greets Jalal,He is shivering, Jalal says to SAlim that loos at this unconscious kid, he was hit by a arrow, I wanna know did you hit him? answer me, SAlim says no, I didn’t hit him, Jalal says to old lady that did you listen him, no one has seen this happening there, Jalal ask grandmother that if you have any eye witness to prove this allegation, grand mother nods in yes and says there is one girl who saw SAlim hitting arrow, Jalal ask who? lady says she is daughter of Rashid Khan, Nadira, Jalal ask soldiers to call Nadira in court, Nadira comes in court and greets Jalal. Salim looks at her, she angrily looks at him, Jalal says to Nadira that this old lady is saying that SAlim has injured this kid? I wanna know did you see Salim hitting this kid? Nadira looks at zil bahar.
PRECAP- Jodha says to Salim that Jalal is not your father only, he has responsibility of nation. I don’t know what will he decide. SAlim cries and says ask Jalal to not punish me, Jodha hugs Salim.
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