All alone ragini episode 63

All alone ragini episode 63

Hi frsd thank u for all your comments and sanju thank u so much

Frds today is my birthday i knew i am not a kid anymore so stopped celebrating but i want to share my bday with u after all you all are very close to my heart..

I will show scenes btw sanskar and ananya also but give me time..

Ragini and family member goes to farm house all goes to their room to freshen up ..
Sanskar keep ananya on bed as she sleeping.
Ragini is taking clothes and towel about to go but sanskar lift her in her arms.
Sanskar:-shall we..
He takes her inside washroom and on’s shower …
Sanskar closely removes her sareee and blouse and shurt he to undress him self.
Rags back is tounching his front he takes her hand and kisses her hand ..
He rubs the mud part from her shoulders and and she too closes her eyes and he removes mud from her waist and her palm and finally he takes her outside and places her on aside of bed and he too lays on her..
He leans towards her and kisses her and his hands are passing all over her body and soon she allows him to make next step he is hiding his face in her neck and she is hugging him completely..

Next morning ….
They all plays holi …
Sanskar runs back of ragini by taking colours and finally he catches her and appiles colour on her face .
Rags too applies colour on cheeck of sanskar he pulls her towards him and kisses her on lips lightly..
Soon they all get tired of playing
All sits and soon rags feels dizzy and falls from chair..
Sanskar gets tensed and takes her in arms and runs inside house..
Soon doctor comes and checks her and smiles and gives some injection.
Doctor comes out smiling sanskar asks her how is she and why she is smiling …
Doctor:-dont worry sanskar she is Pregeant thats it.
Sanskar:-thank god i thought something else.
All looks at him confused..

Sanskar immediatedly widens eyes and says wat she wat u say.
Laksh:-arey bhaiyaa you became father again and hugs him.
Sanskar too hugs him.
All gets happy.
Sanskar:-how is she doctor.
Doctor:-she is weak i gave her injection she will be ok.
Sanskar:-how can u give her injection without my presence do u knew she is afraid of injection.
Doc:-she is unconscious she doesnt knew that we injected her.
Sanskar:-so wat u should have said me and rushes inside room
Doctor and family members smiles seeing his care towards her…
Sanskar entres room and sits beside her and cares her hair ..
She slowly opens eyes and sees sanskar and tries to get up but couldnt.
Sanskar makes her sleep and says u should take rest ragini doctor asked u take complete bed rest today.
Rags:-why… wat happen to me…
Sanskar:-because you were caring our love again in your womb.
Rags smiles and hugs him…and he too hugs her…

7 years later…..
A boy is running all over house and ragini running back of him by milk glass sanskar is working in laptop and ananya and prudhvi and another girl are eating breakfast…
Ragini gets tired and stands near sanskar and sanskar see her and asks wat..
Ragini:-akash is not having milk and i m running back of him instead of helping u were doing your work.
Meanwhile a man comes lifting Akash in hands and comes and that man is laksh..
Laksh:-babhi here your naughty son.
Rags:-he is not only naughty but also shaitaan and sees sanskar and says dont knew on whom he went.
Laksh laughs and sanskar looks at her in shock.
Rags takes akash and goes towards dinningtable and says see and learn from your sisters and brother he is elder than u but how silent he is..
My good boy prudhvi
And also my cute princess manvi…
See and learn.
Akash:-if do like them then people will call me copy cat mom and my teacher saying copying is bad thing ..
So no and again runs from their…
All ladies laughs at her
Rags:-i dont knew how this boy turned so nauty.
Sujatha:-he went on sanskar ragini.
Swara:-jijju was so calm minded na maa.
Sujtha:-haa but not in young age the way akash is sanskar also mischevious in his childhood.
Rags:-that means the way father the way son..
All laughs.

Rags goes to room and taking something from cupboard sanskar holds her hand and turns her .
Rags:-sanskar wat r u dng.
Sanskar:-wat u said in hall..
Rags:-u were not helping me these days and ur son see how he is troubling me like father only.
Sanskar:-wat i did.
Rags:-coming close and making me weak is not troubling..
Sanskar:-its actually romancing and pulls her and kisses her on neck …
Akash:-papa u r beating my mumma and kissing her na i will tell to all.
Sanskar and rags looks at each other and catches him.
Rags:-no beta papa is not beating me.
Akash:-papa is holding your hand back but why papa is kissing u.
Rags blushes and stammers
Sanskar:-ooo beta the way you and ananya are cute to me your mum is more than cute so i am.
Rags hits him and says shhhh
Akash:-i will tell to all.
Rags looks at sanskar..
Sanskar:-slowly if u kiss me then i will save u.
Rags:-very funny if he say anything we both will embarresed infront of them.
Sanskar:-i wont ..
Rags:-plzz ..and ok deal done.
Sanskar takes akash and manages him so that he wont speak anything and finally does
and sends him out .
Sanskar turns rags goes and kisses him on cheecks..
Sanskar:-wat type of kiss is this.
Rags:-father of two children will get this type of kisses only and runs from their before he catches her…

Precap:-kids growing faster

All alone ragini episode 63


All alone ragini episode 63

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