Desires (Intro)

Desires (Intro)

Hey frds h r u all?
I’m Angel again

I wanted to tell u guys that soon my current stories which are
” An Imperfect Love Story” And “A Beautiful Revenge”
Is going to end the end I have decided is near 2 or 3 episodes r left but don’t worry I’m starting a new story also with their end its title is ” Desires ” it will be a romantic love story of 2 persons who get married because of their family the girl is divorced and the boy’s wife is dead both r happy married couple in front of the world but r strangers in their room they live in a joint family boy’s family is big where girl’s family is small

In boy’s family
There r his parents, 2 brothers and their wife and children and 1 sister who r happily married

In girl’s family
There r her parents, 1 sister and 1 brother

Profession:Business Of Construction
Personality:hot, handsome, rude, arrogant and proud of himself so in short angry bird ?
But loves his family a lot especially his parents

Name: Samaira
Profession:kids caretaker
Personality:beautiful, hot, pretty, loving, caring, helping and understanding so in short a perfect girl

So now it will be interesting to read that how 2 broken hearts become one and heal each others wounds so how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u all ???

Note:this story will start when the both current Tories will be finished ?

Desires (Intro)


Desires (Intro)

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