love life (Intro)

Hi guyz i will write a story on swaragini.
Lets intro the characters.
Its not to much. So lets start.

Maheswari family.
Dp. A business man. Soft hearted. Father of sanky and lucky.
Ap. A housewife. Nice. Mother of sanky and lucky.
Sanky aka Sanskar. A handsome guy. A nice and soft hearted guy. Alder son of dp and ap.
Lucky aka laksh. A flirty guy. Nice and sweet boy. Younger son of dp and ap.

Shekar. A business man. And a nice person. Father of swara and ragini.
Sumi. A housewife. Nice and soft hearted women. Mother of swara and ragini.
Swara. A beautiful, chubby, kind hearted girl. Elder daughter of shekar and sumi.
Ragini. A nice, bold, kind hearted girl. Younger daughter of shekar and sumi.

Friends of swaragini and sanlak.
Swara. Arjun, Navya.
Ragini. Natasha, Karan.
Laksh. Tarun, Rishi.
Sanskar. Varun, Aly.
Guys u will get to now about the positiv and negativ characters in next episode.
Do comment if u want me to start.

love life (Intro)


love life (Intro)


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