Reporters season 2 episode 60

Hi bhaiya ‘s and didi ‘s. This is a continuation of episode 58. Not from the Precap. I have decided to do so, because reetika didi and other didis have suggested that it would be illogical to bring back mr sudhir kashyap. So here it goes

The episode starts with ananya giving anurag chocolates. Ananya gets a call from Manav to come to his cabin. Manav assigns ananya a very difficult lead. It is about finding about the identity of certain goods and properties of underworld don shamir karma. Ananya take the help of kabir to solve this case just like he did previously when he appeared as south Indian based bhadresh kutti.

Ananya remembers how it was to have kabir all by her side always. Ananya wears a watch with a camera and goes there but one of the security guards notice it and take ananya into consideration and interrogation. Shamir asks whether ananya wants to be smart with him. Ananya bravely replies yes. They point a gun at ananya and asks her whether she is scared. Ananya replies “jis beti ka baap itna brave hai, beti brave que nehe hosakthi? “shamir holds her hair and says “arae vah chokri, tu to badi brave ho chalo ek test dehdethe hain “. As shamir presses the timer and the bomb he had set to kill ananya starts to countdown, kabir, khurrana and team blasts in. Kabir saves ananya while khurrana arrests shamir and team. So as usual kabir does a splendid job over presenting what happened to shamir and gang.
I hope you liked this episode. And also I won’t be commenting on really updates. I will answer your questions in the start of my ff or if you want me to make changes, I will make it in my next episode. I will try writing next by sunday. Thanks for your full support. I really appreciate it.

Precap : khalid announces that he is getting married and everyone gets happy. (don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything)

Reporters season 2 episode 60


Reporters season 2 episode 60


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