Swaragini – (Ankahi kahani) Intro

Swaragini – (Ankahi kahani) Intro

Hello friendss……
How are you alll ……..

guys if u dont like my fanfiction no prblem but I will ask some questions plz answer them…….

☆Do u believe in secind birth?
☆What is believe?

My answer is I believe in second birth at first I dont believed but I have seen it.many will not believe but I dnt care I just want to say the story of the people who have experienced it.

Actually currently now in tevepur I jdt love swasan as pyar ke panchi (love birds)

it also has my imagination in this story but It is a real story wid my dream and imagination.

its not very long fanfiction I will conclude in 10 episodes or before that.

one more question –
☆do u think that teenage love have any future?

in this fanfiction raglak also have an important role but not that much…..little but important. sorry rahlak fans.

story will start from childhood.

Swara gadodiya:Bubbly fun loving girl.love her elder daughter alot. Average student not much interested in studies much but good in studies.
Age-10 years (when story starts)

Ragini gadodiya: quite cute and lovely girl 7 years elder to swara.Love laksh .

Sanskar maheswari-Flirty boy from childhood only but kindhearted no one know what his heart wants.good friend of swara.Laksh brother

Laksh maheswari: elder son of maheswari family.Elder bro of sanky.Loves his family alot.oves ragini.

pairs u all know

its a swasan story
including raglak

do comment

Swaragini – (Ankahi kahani) Intro


Swaragini – (Ankahi kahani) Intro

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