Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 74

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 74

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Abhi says,Kush..thr is another surprise for u.Kush asks,Wht is that Papa?Abhi smiles n stands silent.Kush says,Come on tell me Papa..Abhi says,Wait for sometime..n smiles.Kush says,No..I can’t..How could I..Mamma..atleast u can say me na whts the surprise.Pragya says,No..this is upto Papa n Kush so Mamma won’t say anything.Kush says,Come on Papa..say says,K..K..someone is going to perform with me in concert.Kush gets puzzled n asks,Who was that?Abhi says,Some one..Kush asks,Who?Pragya smiles at them.Abhi says,Some one who has the dream of performing in opera house.Kush murmers,Opera house..dream..n shouts,Oh…it’s me..really I can’t believe that n hugs Abhi.Abhi too hugs him.Mikha says,Wow…it’s really supreb my grandson is gonna perform in opera house with his gonna call all the ppl n I gonna inform..Oh..Whr is my phone..n she gets much excited.Pragya says,Maa..

Mikha says,Arey..thum..chup..Oh..I’m gonna prepare laddu for my laddus n goes to kitchen.Pragya smiles.Abhi says, son is happy na..Kush says,Papa..I’m so happy..n kisses him..n says,Thank u so much Papa..I love u..Abhi says,Oye..u r saying thanks to ur Papa..Kush laughs.Abhi makes Kush to sit in his lap n says,So..Kush says,So..Abhi says,So..Kush Abhishek Mehra is gonna perform in opera house.. Kush says,Haa..along with Mr.Abhishek Mehra..They both laughs.Pragya smiles at them n goes near them n runs her fingers through his Hubby’s n Son’s hair.Kush hugs Pragya.Pragya too hugs him back n smiles by seeing Abhi.

Kush says,Mamma..I ll b back soon.Pragya asks,Whr u r going at this time..Kush says,I ll b back..going to Rahul’s home..Pragya says,No..It’s late..Kush says,Come on Mamma..just near by block na I ll go by my cycle n i ll back soon.Abhi says,Oh..leave him fuggi..let him celebrate with his friends.Kush says,Thank u papa..n runs out.Pragya says,U r pampering him alot..this is not fair..Abhi says,Let him enjoy..wht he is gonna do by being in home..let him to play with friends..Pragya says,But it’s night time na..Abhi says,But it’s only 7oclock na(In a same tone)Pragya says,Oh..just leave it..Abhi says,Fuggi..thank u so much..Pragya asks,For what?Abhi says,Is me n my son is happy today is all coz of u.

Pragya says,Really?But no need of thanking me..coz I’m selfish too..coz ur happiness is mine..Abhi smiles n says,Anyhow thank u..Pragya says,U r saying thanks to ur wife..Abhi says,Haa..n laughs.Pragya smiles n abt to leave.Abhi holds her wrist n pulls her towards him n makes her to sit in his lap.Pragya asks,Oh..Wht happened to someone showering alot of love on me..Abhi says, I’m showering my love only today..Pragya says,Haa..n smiles..Abhi says,It’s not fair liar fuggi..Pragya says,I thought to spend some last time with u in Australia as this week I’m completely free no need of going to cafe..but u r assigned with concert..Abhi says, Kush’s Mamma has time to spend with this dream or reality.Pragya pinches his hand hard Abhi shouts,Ouchhh!!Pragya says,Real only na..Abhi says,Haa..very real..but it’s paining..Pragya smiles n rubs his hand.Abhi says,So..If u give me a sign I ll cancel the concert n ready to spend sometime time with u.Pragya says,Oh..really then cancel ur concert.Abhi didn’t expect this n gets shocked n says,Ofcourse..I ll do for u.Pragya takes his phone out of his pocket n gives n asks him to make the call n cancel the concert.Abhi asks,R u serious?Pragya smiles n says,Haa..very serious come on call to Purab..

Abhi looks on pathetic.Pragya blurt out the laughter n says,Just see how is ur face now..u r scared na..Abhi says,Ofcourse..Pragya laughs.Abhi says,U become naughty now a days.Pragya laughs n says,I know..just for fun my Ladoo n pulls his cheek..Abhi says,Just a bad joke..worst fun.Pragya laughs.Kush runs in to the room n shouts,Oh..Wht secret is going on..Wht Mamma n Papa is discussing secret n rushes towards them n jumps n sits over Pragya’s lap.Abhi shouts,Ouchh!!!Oh..this is called as bearing family burden uh??Kush says,Oh..Papa..I’m not sitting on u I’m sitting on my mamma’s lap..hey na..Pragya says,Haa..n kisses his head.Abhi says,Eyy..genius ur Mamma is on my lap..Pragya n Kush laughs.Kush leaned his head towards Pragya’s cheek n kisses her n says,Pass it to Papa..Pragya smiles n leaned her head towards Abhi n kisses him in cheek.Abhi says,Arey..u can shower ur love to getting down of me.Pragya n Kush says,No..Papa..v won’t get down n gives hifi..Abhi says,’s not fair.Pragya laughs n says,Come on ur Rockstar na can’t u bear this much weight.Abhi says,Arey…I’m singer..Wrestler nahi..Kush leaned over Pragya further..Pragya leaned over Abhi.Abhi says,U both decided to kill Papa..n lies down on bed..Pragya n Kush falls over him.Abhi shouts, me..Pragya shuts his mouth.Kush asks,Come on Papa..v r so thin..y u creating scene.Abhi bites Pragya’s hand.Pragya gets up from him n Kush to got up.Abhi gives a deep breath n says,Oh..ho..U both tried to kill me..n runs from thr.

Pragya n Kush laughed at him.Next day,Abhi Kush n an organiser went to the auditorium to start their rehearsals.Abhi says Kush,Beta..U hav to rehearse with all kids n I ll teach u all..Kush says,Papa..but u told me na I’m gonna perform with u..Abhi says,Yes..for that v can rehearse in home.Kush nods with a sad face.All kids were gathered n Kush also one among them.Abhi teaches all the kids.In eveng.Kush was standing along with one of his friend Arjun..they both were singing along with all kids with guitar.Abhi sees a boy who struggles to pick up the notes.He goes to the boy n asks,Hey..lil boy..whts wrong with u r u K.The boy says,No..uncle..I’m very tensed I can’t follow the notes..I’m not participating in this his face was very sad.Kush sees this.Abhi smiles n says,Hey u r wonderful musician than me u know u really performed well on auditions that’s y u r here so don’t wry come on I’m thr to help u.The boy smiles Abhi makes him to sit in his lap n holds the guitar along with the boy’s hand n teaches him.Kush sees this n gets anger on Abhi n stares him.Arjun asks,Oye..Kush Wht happened?Kush says,Nothing n makes his face sad n leaves from thr.Arjun says,Hey..Kush..stop..but he left in his cycle.Organiser informs Abhi,’s already eveng let’s continue tmrw.Abhi nods n informs all the kids to come by tmrw.All nods n left.Abhi looks for Kush as he is missing he goes to Arjun n asks abt Kush he says,Uncle..just now he left.Abhi thinks y he left n starts towards his home.In home,Kush stromed into the door with a noise Pragya goes thr n asks,U came alone..Whr is Papa?Kush pushes her from way n says,I don’t know in anger voice n runs towards room n lies in bed n shuts his face under pillow n starts crying loud.Pragya goes thr n sits near him n tries to takes the pillow but he tightened his hand.Pragya asks,Arey..Kya hua..y u r crying.

Kush starts to cry loud n loud.Pragya feels bad n puzzled.Mikha comes n asks,Arey..Kya hua..Rockstar bache..Kush takes the pillow n says,Don’t cl me like that n shuts his face again.Mikha laughs at his antics.Hearing her laugh Kush cries hard.Pragya says,Maa n takes him in lap n says,Oh..Mere bachee..romath n wipes his tears.Kush hugs her n cries.Pragya says,Oh..stop crying if u cry like this then Mamma ll also cry her eyes filled with tears by seeing him crying.Pragya consoles him n asks,Wht happened?Abhi enters the room n asks,Oh..Wht happened y he s crying fuggi did u scold my son n tries to take him from her lap.Kush pushes Abhi n says,Don’t talk with me n hugs Pragya n says,Mamma tell him I won’t talk with him n continued to cry.Pragya says,Papa..dont talk with Kush..see beta i told him now stop crying baby..Kya hua see let’s beat Papa like this n beats Abhi in shoulder.Abhi shouts,Ahh!!Y u r beating me Wht I had done?Pragya says,Don’t know but coz of u he is crying hey na Kush.Kush nods.Abhi confused.

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 74


Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 74

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