Dehleez 17th March 2016 –

Dehleez 17th March 2016 –

Dehleez 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahuja trying to provoke Swadheenta. He says this is Prakash’s plan to get money from me. Simmi says leave it, its time waste to talk to her. Swadheenta says look….. Adarsh signs Swadheenta to be quiet. Ahuja says guest is Lord, madam does not know the poor people’s truth. A man Singhvi walks in there. Ahuja says now the party’s spirit has come. Everyone look on. Ahuja introduces Singhvi to Swadheenta. He tells Swadheenta that he is India’s best lawyer, A K Singhvi. Singhvi says I heard you have to take case till three hearings, you will lose in 3 mins. Swadheenta worries. Ahuja says we will talk in court, come and have a drink. He asks Swadheenta to stay back with Simmi, its not good to go with drunkard farmers. Adarsh goes out. Swadheenta says we will meet in court and points finger. She leaves. Ahuja laughs.

Jaideep asks Mukesh what do you think about chances this girl’s win. Mukesh says 0 %, I have just seen one lawyer winning against Singhvi. Jaideep says mom. Mukesh says yes, its 20 years, I did not see anyone like her and will not see in future. Swadheenta goes out and sees Adarsh sending the farmers in the car. Swadheenta asks what do you think you are. Adarsh says your friend. She asks what were you signing. He says thanks for understanding, Ahuja told on record that he wanted the men to go by his car. She asks on record. Asad leaves farmers leaving in car and says they are leaving, where is freedom…. He says if you said anything there, he would have used in court, I know some law, I know few lawyers. She thinks he helped her again. He says exactly, you are thinking I helped you again, can’t we just go for coffee. Asad comes towards them. She says its just coffee in beginning and then movie….. He says trust me, its just coffee. She stops Asad from throwing chilli powder on Adarsh. Adarsh says you are chilli factory… Asad asks when did I put before, do we know each other. Swadheenta asks Asad to come. Adarsh shouts I hope you answer your brother and me too. She leaves with Asad.

Mukesh tells Suhasini that Swadheenta came in the party, some farmers came there drunk and she came after them, she directly challenged Ahuja, Singhvi will make her leave her law, I will sleep now. Suhasini says you said this is Ahuja’s imp project. Mukesh says yes, its very imp, his dream project. She says project air is very hot and smiles…

Swadheenta thinks I can’t fight this case and recalls Singhvi’s words. She thinks how will I fight against Singhvi and his team, I m alone. Adarsh sees her pic and says you are not alone, I m with you, I promise I will help you. She prays to Lord for help, and says if I backout, what about these poor farmers.

Shraddha calls Swadheenta and asks her to come in marriage tomorrow. Swadheenta says sorry, its tough. Shraddha says I have an offer, I have to make you meet someone, she came in sangeet too, I could not introduce you, Suhasini Sinha. Swadheenta gets glad. Shraddha says she is my mom’s friend. Swadheenta says I will definitely come, thanks. She thinks this case needs a lawyer like Suhasini Sinha, if she helps me……

Its morning, Adarsh gets ready. Suhasini talks to Shraddha and says we are leaving in 15mins, you want me to meet someone, fine. Adarsh asks how am I looking. Suhasini says you took 40mins to get ready. He says Shraddha called. She says yes, she wants me to meet her friend, she is better than you. He says there is no one, whom should I introduce. She reminds his promise, if he finds some girl suitable for him and their family, he should tell her. He says ofcourse. She asks did you apply some perfume or took bath of it. He laughs.

Swadheenta gets ready and comes. Mami and Asad compliment her. Swadheenta says its my best friend’s marriage, wear proper clothes, don’t do what you did on sangeet. Mamu asks what did Asad do. Swadheenta says nothing, I was pulling his leg. Asad says I will get ready after eating one more paratha. She says I m already late, whats the matter, you were tensed at night and now… she says don’t put pressure on your weak mind. He says so funny. Mamu asks whats cooking. Asad says chicken biryani, I will find you, is there someone special. Swadheenta thinks Suhasini is special one, I have to convince her somehow.

Simmi sits packing the gifts. She worries seeing the gift broken and asks Bhabhi to just chill, Papa will send ten gifts. Bhabhi says fine, I will tell mom. Suhasini comes and asks Simmi did she wrap the gift. Bhabhi saves Simmi. Suhasini goes. Bhabhi asks Simmi will she call Papa to get new vase or fix this. Simmi asks her to fix it and pack it too. Bhabhi says if its told that you will do this work, then you will do it, the day mom knows you make Abhay or any servant do your work, your Papa and Abhay can’t save you.

Swadheenta makes Shraddha sit with the groom. She prays Suhasini gets convinced. She signs Shraddha asking about Suhasini. Shraddha signs she did not come yet. Adarsh comes there with his family. Shraddha sees them and signs Swadheenta. Swadheenta turns and sees Adarsh. She thinks Lord has sent him, stupid Shraddha, she is signing towards him.

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Dehleez 17th March 2016 –


Dehleez 17th March 2016 –

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