Kaala Teeka 17th March 2016 –

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Scene 1
Kali comes near temple. She says to leela that day whatever happened in temple, I want to apologize for that. Leela says I don’t get all this. And for that day, you will not get the forgiveness. and Gauri’s kundli is matter of us elders. Jha told me everything. Go from here. Kali leaves.

Manjiri’s head hurts. The celebrations are on going Vishwa is dancing. Vishwa says my princess is getting married. I can’t stop celebrating. Gauri dances with him. Yug says kali.. Gauri says I am gauri not kali. She is busy in dancing. Raghu says to kali why are you not dancing. Kali says I dont like it. Vishwa sees him with her. He asks kali to come and dance so she doesn’t talk to him.
Vishwa says lets see who is better dancer. One candidate is chulbul and other is mad. Both of them start dancing. Kali picks something. Yug looks at her trying to dance. Yug says wait a minute. He says today I and Gauri will start a new life. We are getting engaged but this relation was tied long ago. When I heard her voice first. Today I want you all to hear that voice. Gauri is worried. Please sing gauri. Leela says yes sing please. I want to heart that voice as well. Gauri looks at kali in tension. Gauri says yeah sure. I have to clean the throat once. She goes with Kali.

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Kaala Teeka 17th March 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 17th March 2016 –


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