Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Shagun asking about Shanaya. She says you said she looks like Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Ruhi is saying she is Ishita. Ruhi says I told you Dadi about parathas, Ishita made the parathas and gave to Raman, maybe they are doing drama to save us from problem, like Shagun and Ishita did drama to solve a problem. Shagun gets glad. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to tell anyone. Mrs. Bhalla says its our family secret, Sarika and Niddhi should not know this. She goes. Shagun smiles happily.

Mrs. Bhalla tells this good news to Amma. Amma happily cries. Amma tells Appa that Shanaya is Ishita. Appa cries and tells Bala that Shanaya is our Ishu. Bala asks what, our Ishu and gets glad. He tells this to Vandu, while Mrs. Bhalla goes to tell Mr. Bhalla. Bala says Ruhi is sure about it, that Shanaya is our Ishu. Vandu happily hugs Bala. Shravan looks on and thinks Ruhi can’t keep any secret.

Ashok asks Suraj to let him sleep. Suraj asks him to come downstairs and see the problem. Ashok goes downstairs and sees Sarika. Sarika calls Ashok a loser. Suraj asks Ashok to see the video. Ashok sees Shanaya slapping him. Suraj says its on social media, how did Shanaya manage to make this video. Sarika says when I saw this, I came here, even our maid Neelu was laughing seeing this video. Ashok says I will see Shanaya. Ishita calls him. Ashok says I will ask an answer, see. He talks well and smiles. Suraj and Sarika stare at him. Sarika scolds Ashok. Ashok says I will wait for right time. Sarika says Suraj, nothing can happen of Ashok. Suraj says she said right.

Raman and Niddhi come home. The family smiles. Raman asks Niddhi to rest in room, he will get food, will she have pasta. Mrs. Bhalla taunts Niddhi. Niddhi says I know they trapped me. Raman scolds family falsely, and asks them to do anything, he will always be with Niddhi. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to get more pakodas. They laugh. Raman thinks why are they overacting, I m blaming them and they are not reacting, they have some plan. He asks Niddhi to come.

He takes Niddhi to room and asks her to rest. She says client is calling, what shall I do. He says I m sure you did not get sleep in jail, I m with you, take rest. Neelu comes and says Shanaya has come, and calling you. Raman says I will come. Niddhi asks why did she come. Raman says I called her, its for contract, then we can marry. Niddhi says its not good to meet her. Raman says she is not so bad, that’s why you are out of jail, who helps in today’s world, take rest. Niddhi says how can I rest if she has come here, I will see. Raman and Ishita smile seeing each other. The family smiles seeing Ishita. Neelu gives filter coffee to Ishita. Ruhi says I m sure she is my Ishi Maa. Shagun comes and says Ishita… I mean are you sure you are Shanaya.

Ishita says yes, Raman has DNA reports. Shagun says not needed, everyone miss Ishita here, maybe wishes come true. Ishita sees everyone smiling, and thinks they are seeing me with love, did they get to know…. Niddhi thinks why are they all around Shanaya, whats the matter. Raman asks the family to go and let him work. He asks Shanaya to come to his room for the meeting. Ishita says yes, lets go, work is imp. Niddhi follows them. Raman says I think we should do meeting alone, and shuts the door. Niddhi says whats need to shut door and do meeting. Sarika says I told you to be careful, everyone is loving Shanaya, it may happen that Raman kicks you out of his life. Niddhi says I trust Raman, he loves me a lot, I have seen NRI girls, they are nothing. Don’t worry, I m not scared. She goes. Sarika says you will be scared, I know this family well, something is cooking.

Raman and Ishita come in living hall. Ishita says nice meeting you all. Mrs. Bhalla says keep coming. Ishita goes out and sees Iyer house. She goes inside and meets Amma and Vandu. Amma asks her to sit. Ishita talks to Vandu and compliments her hair. She is still in Shanaya’s role. She asks can I make your hair styling, I love to do it. Vandu agrees and gives Shitija to amma. Ishita says hair is like us, when we are little, life I simple, then we grow up, we get complications, we have to deal with all problems, like hair get messy and we work hard to tie them, we should treat problems like hair, its always simple, we can sort out anything, woman should be strong in any situation. She makes her hair pleats and says life will be easy for you. Vandu smiles and says you are very positive, your upbringing is so good. Ishita says I felt same seeing you, I should leave now. She greets them and leaves. Vandu tells Amma that Shanaya is Ishu, when she can take big risk for her family, even I can make a new start for my family. Amma wishes Ishu’s plan succeeds and she comes back home soon.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2016 –


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2016 –


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