Hate me/ Love me Episode 6

The next day, Dhaani searches for Viplav to thank him. Dhaani sees him talk with Tanya and she says sorry and tries to convince him. Viplav finally agrees and hugs her. Dhaani feels uneasy seeing this. And leaves from there. Later in the lunch break Viplav’s eyes continuously search for Dhaani and Raj asks him why are you so restless. Viplav tells that she did not come today. Raj asks who, Viplav tells that stupid junior who complained against me. Raj asks why are you looking for her. Viplav says to take revenge. Raj says okay. But Dhaani does not come. She is busy completing her notes.

Later the whole college was addressed by the principal, she told tomorrow we are going to a high court to see its working, so be ready and come with extra lunch as no lunch services are provided. All of them seem to be happy. Then one teacher says that each junior will be accompanied by a senior so that if the junior is confused senior is there to help. And she announces all the names and the last name was Viplav Dhaani. Both of them are shocked and Dhaani rushes to the teacher and says she wants to change her partner. But teacher refuses and tells that the list is ready and no changes can be made. Dhaani gets sad and says then she will not join them. Viplav comes why,are you afraid of me ?? That day you were so courageous, Dhaani says I am not afraid I will come.

Next day
Everyone in the college get ready to go. Dhaani and Viplav also get ready and they are forced to sit with each other. In the bus Viplav and Dhaani were sitting on a side(2 seater). Dhaani tried to maintain a gap between, but the bus went over a speed breaker and she fell into Viplav’s lap, they have an eyelock Dhaani sits straight again. Tanya sees this and fumes and thinks this time nobody will save you. My plan will be successful.

They all reach the high court see the proceedings, Viplav says now I will have to teach you. Can’t you learn on your own. I just don’t like to even talk to you. Dhaani says as if I am dying to be with you and talk to you. I have no interest in talking to you and waste my time so do your own work. As Viplav turns back he gets hurt from the screw on the bench he says Oouch… Dhaani sees blood coming out from his hand and removes her handkerchief and ties it. Viplav constantly stares at her. She sees him he moves his eyes back. He asks how come you are caring for me, just now only you were fighting with me. Are you mad? Dhaani says don’t assume anything I just did this because yesterday you saved my life. Anyways thanks for that. Viplav smiles hopelessly. They all are taught about the procedures. Then they have their lunch time, Viplav offers Dhaani some laddoos made by her daadi. She refuses thinking of the past incident and goes and sits somewhere else. Viplav follows her and asks why are you avoiding me? Dhaani does not reply. Viplav thinks now I did not do anything wrong with her so what happened?

As Dhaani went away to search for a washroom,someone pulls Dhaani whereas Viplav searches for her. Dhaani looks at the person, he is Rishi (the one with whom Dhaani danced closely when she was drunk. She tells why did you pull me, leave me. He says common stop acting now there is nobody here to see us. That day during the party I could not admire your beauty and spen the whole night with you because that Riya took you away from me. And I know you also love me a lot and want to spend time with me. Dhaani tries to leave, he says what happened today, that day you were coming so close to me and now leaving me. I love you a lot and I know you also do. Pls don’t leave me and he hugs her and tries to kiss her on lips when our hero comes and beats him. He keeps on beating him. He says how dare you touch my Dhaani. Dhaani stands crying and is shocked by Viplav’s words. Viplav comes to Dhaani caress her face and tells don’t worry and cryingly Dhaani hugs her. Viplav hugs her back too. Rishi sees all this and says so you are leaving me because of Viplav, how fast you change boys, such a low character. Viplav says shut up and beats him again, Dhaani stops him and they both leave. Rishi thinks I love Dhaani a lot and will not lose her so easily.

Dhaani thanks her, Viplav says the people should learn to respect woman. And finally in the evening they all leave the court and are going back to their homes. Viplav drops Dhaani at her house and leaves. Viplav thinks what happened to me that time, why I could not see her in pain, why my heart beats so fast when she comes close to me. What is happening with me? He reaches home has his dinner and sleeps thinking about Dhaani. Here Dhaani also keeps thinking about the incident. And thinks shall I become friends with Viplav after all he has done so much for me.

PRECAP: Dhaani goes to Viplav and asks can we be friends?

Guys I am thinking to end this ff soon because from previous two episodes there were very less comments.
If you like this one pls comment. Otherwise I will end it soon.

Hate me/ Love me Episode 6


Hate me/ Love me Episode 6


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