What i want to tell…….. 🙂

Hi , hello , namastey , namaskar , nomoskar , namaskaram , namaskara , vanakkam , salaam , khurumjari , sasrikal……..to all who reads this. This is not an fanfiction or an analysis. It is just want i want to tell…..

I really appreciate all of u guys. According to me you guys are really caring , loving, friendly , warm-hearted, good, desiring , crazy , grateful, true, gentle, innocent , cool, respecting , valuable and big hearted friends.

Tashan e ishq ..one of most romatic serial which shows the love story between kunj sarna and twinkle taneja is a wonderful treat to the people. It contains love,care,fun,drama,hate etc….actually as per me it is a all in one combo. Thank u sooo much zee tv , director and producer of TEI , actors and co-actors of TEI and all the people who works infront and back of the camera for giving us a wonderful show.

And a big big thanks to TELLY UPDATES for giving the daily updates of the serials. And also for giving the chances for writing fanfictions, articles etc…. Thank u sooo much if telly update was not there , soo many won’t be able to realize there potential in writing there on wonderful creations…….And also a great thanks to the authors who gives us the daily update. A special thanks to Atiba who gives us the update of each episode of TEI from the first episode to the latest episode. You are really amazing Atiba.

Next, my dear fanfiction writers….. you all are really amazing writers. I am really speechless by reading your fanfictions. Each and every writer has filled there ff with there own excellent views.,..
1. Tashan e ishq (fan fiction ) ;; keira[maha]
2. Tashan e ishq (twinj forever) ;; rakshita
3. Tashan e ishq ( kunj and twinkle forever ) ;; komal
4. Twinj never ending love story ;; sahima
5. Tashan e ishq an ever lasting love ;; aarti
6. Tashan e ishq (lovers) ;; angel
7. Kahani tashan ki ;; ritzi
8. Forever the lv of twinj and yuvi ;; keira[maha]
9. Tashan e ishq twiraj story ;; zai
10. Twinj a made for each other couple ;; avantika
11. Twinj a perfect love story ;; twinkle
12. Tashan e ishq : intense love ;; randomfan
13. Twinj (frienship turns to love) ;; smc
14. Twinj a cherish love story ;; anisha
15. Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing ;; twinkle
16. Fan fiction of tashan e ishq ;; tara
17. Mahasagam (yhm, kb, tei, ssk) ;; vinod
18. Love just happens ;; sanju
19. Fan fiction Twinj ;; ruchi
20. A twist in tale ;; nikita
21. An unconditional love virika and twinj ;; aarti
22. Trust v/s Love ;; gopika
23. A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq ;; aakanksha
24. Tashan e ishq-muhabbat ki dastaan ;; sweetie
25. Tashan e ishq a unique love story ;; rakshita
26. Tashan e ishq – how i and you become we ;; tina
27. Tashan e ishq-hate changes into love ;; saibo
28. Destiny (tashan e ishq fan fiction ) ; ; harshi
29. Twinj pyaar ka ek roop ;; akshra
30. The fault in our starts ;; ria cassandra
31. TEI-a diff story ;; prapti
32. Twinj special love ;; mayatwinjfan
33. Love has made it’s way ; ; Twinj forever
34. A new found family (Twinj) ;; Avantika
35. Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) ;; sudha[ramya]
36. Twinj i ek khaani ;; sanam
37. Fan fiction of tashan e ishq (season 2 ) ;; tara
38.Together we are everything :twinj ;; twinkle
39. Tashan e ishq -what must happened ;; sareena
40. Just the beginning of new love-twinj ;; pali garg
41. Tashan e ishq (what love means ) ;; dolly
42. Ishq love kaadhal ;; pinky
43. Ishq waala love ;; ishra
44. Tashan e ishq….wahi jodi nayi love story ;; akanksha
45. Twinj tashan e ishq perfect love story ;; sanjana
46.Twinj ki kahani unki zubani ;; komal
47. Pyar ka sama ;; rakshita
48. Ada ishq ada hai ada ho jayega ;; lara
49. Love ya fate..aur life of marriage?? ;; roshini
50. Don’t hate me ?(tashan e ishq ) ;; misha
51. Tashan e ishq crazy love ;; yukku
52. T-E-I hidden love expressed tashan twinj ;; aradhiya
53. Dil dosti duniyadaari ;; aru
54. adhuri kahani hamari (tei, kb, aphg, sr) ;; sonali
55. Twinj tashan e ishq perfect love story taneja sarna family and villian ;; sanjana
56. Tashan e ishq ka junoon ;; sweetie
57. Is this love ?? (tashan e ishq FF) ;; harshi
58. Crazy, stupid ishq (twinj, ravni, yuhi , ragia ) ;; sanam
59. Twinj saga of love ;; tannu
60. Tashan e ishq- relations are made by god ;; tina
61. Love….the unspoken language (swasan and twinj) ;; shivani
62. Tashan e ishq mein beintehaa mohabbat ;; jazz
63. Aaja sajna ve: immortal love ;; twinj lover
64. It was love that brought them together …twinj ;; ritzi
In this there are ff’s which are stopped in the half, which are fully finished and also the ff’s which are keep runnig. i just want to give all the fanfiction wrters a salute because you guys are really amazing….And all the ff’s are awesome as it contains it’s own beauty which is given by yo writers. I just loved all the ff’s equally. Thank u very much writers for givig a wonderful creation of stories.

Next i like to thank all the writers who write about there views , quiz , and analysis..
1. Do you think the same? ;; tara
2. Tashan e ishq: twinj or twiraj ;; rakshita
3. Tashan e ishq: twinj ki kahani ;; rakshita
4. Unanswered questions on tei ;; A voice
5. TEI episodic analysis for all tei fans ;; aakanksha
6. Discussion on tei ;; babydoll
7. Tashan e ishq recent story ;; sareena
8. Tashan e ishq quiz ;; sareena
9. Hamari adhuri kahani ;; princess
10. How tei should according to me ;; harshi
You guys aare very interesting. you guys writing skill and the way convey it to readers are amazing.

Next to the writers who gives us the information about the episodes…
1. Tashan e ishq what’s new store ;;yukku
2. Tashan e ishq (gossip) ;; Ff reader / muskannews reporter
you are really amazing guys …thank u sooo much Muskan for giving the news and the gossips in tei and thank u yukku for sharing the news to us.

Next i want to thank all the readers who reads the fanfictions, articles and written update . And also thanks for leaving your valuable comments….If your comments was not there ..the writers won’t be able to continue her writing.

Now i want to twll u about the fights..i.e, b/w twiraj fans and twinj fans. I am not standing in anyone’s side while i am writing this. While ur fights i notice that most of the fights has been started from twiraj fans. ya..twinj always said they hate uv but they never said that they hate zain. ya…some of u(twiraj fans) has told that uv is good but the show makes him character worst. it is true that twinj fans hate uv and the ain point is they don’t hate zain. But you twiraj fans said that you hate twinj as well as sidsiddhant gupta . Here u made mistake guys. And twiraj fans also get’s into the personal things of twinj fans before realising the correct matter. So please….while you react check wheather if it is the mistake or problem of the one near you or the one with you. Both twiraj and twinj are awesome couples…as per me you twiraj fans should respect twinj fans and twinj fans should respect twiraj fans.

next i want to tell about the one who is writing stupid comments and stupid doings like fake sweetie , strawberry , unknown , honey , monk etc…. Could i ask something guys ? i.e, what u will get by commenting comments and stealing athers ff . You are not only hurting the people but also making people hate you. i hope you’ll realize how much your hurting the people one day….And also request the people’s who is using one or more names and also the one who use different id’s to use one name and id. As it is not good as per me and sometimes it can also hurt people.

i am stopping my writing….really sorry if i hurted anyone….i didn’t mean to hurt anyone by writing this ..i just want to tell what i like to tell to u all…and i know there are lot of mistakes in writing please..forgive the mistakes…as mistake can be made by anyone….and thank u soo much for reading this and love u all…

What i want to tell…….. 🙂


What i want to tell…….. 🙂


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Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, includin... Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, including House, CSI, 24 and plenty more. They are the tv series that captivate our attention and entertain us every night after a hard day of work. Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and more come to our screens catching our interest and enwrapping us with their storylines. 6. CSI. Also known as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” This show is produced by Jerry Buckheimer. The drama series follows Las Vegas detectives as they take on challenging and often mysterious criminal investigations throughout the city. The series debuted in 2000 and continues to captivate audiences today. Watch just one episode and will be enough for you to get involved. 5. Mad Men. This drama is a three time Golden Globe Award Winner and has won 9 emmy’s as well. It is one of the most popular shows in recent history and is a perfect example of what a drama series should be. Mad Men follows the publicity surrounding Sherling Cooper in New York circa the 1960’s 4. 24. A fascinating show that mixes drama, suspense, and action to form a perfect recipe for our list of top drama series. Debuted in 2001, this show follows Jack Bauer, a UAT employee, in real time for the most suspenseful 24 hours you will ever have watching television. One of the series that keep you focus the whole time. 3. Law and order. One of the longest drama series running, it’s first episode aired in the year 1990. By 2010 this show had been through 20 seasons. Definitively, the numbers talk good about it. In 1999 we saw “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” which continues to air today. 2. Boardwalk Empire. The latest drama series that has kept the audience glued to their seats. With big names such as Director Martin Scorcese and actor Steve Buscemi, this series has managed to captivate audiences and is quickly reaching legendary status. The second season premieres this October, 2011. You can’t miss it. 1. House M.D. This masterful drama with Hugh Laurie as the protagonist is about a doctor dedicated to treating extraordinary illnesses with unorthodox and sometimes controversial practices. The seventh season began airing on September 20, 2011. Drama Series: Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, CSI. Written by Jessica Gómez. Schedules for each series can be found at HBO, FoxPsychology Articles, and Warner.

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