SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 36)

SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 36)

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I am back with another update!! here is the link to the previous one: Episode 35


“Get me some more water,” I ordered the waiter in front of me as I glanced at Swara who was on her phone, with her legs on the table and smiling as she talked. Now that was a sight to watch!

“Sir,” the waiter tapped the glass in front of me to alert me that the water was already present.

“Oh, umm…can you call a few managers in, I need to talk to them,” I said absentmindedly, staring as Swara swirled around in her chair.

From the past few hours, I have been calling random people in and asking random things just so that I could glance at Swara intently without anyone doubting me. Through the glass door, I saw her chirp on the phone. After the incident of the rain y’day, I thought things would be awkward, but no, they were all the same as before. Both of us taunting and teasing each other at every possible moment.

“Which department sir?” The waiter asked me, breaking my thoughts and my view.

“HR is fine,” I ordered him and he turned around to exit the cabin.

“And also send Swara inside,” I added at the end when I saw that she finished talking on the phone.

I watched as the waiter went and told her my instructions and the cute frown on her face and the way she stormed into my cabin angrily was just…breathtaking.

“What now?” She scowled at me with annoyance.

“Do you allow your PA to talk on the phone the whole day?” I cross questioned her without paying heed to her annoyance.

“No, because I give her actual work to do,” she retorted with a sigh.

“I’m trying to help you by not giving you more work and you are yelling at me for that? There is no goodness left in this world anymore,” I stated dramatically failing my arms in the air.

“Oh Gandhi Follower, I am Swara, Swara Godadia, I can do anything! You can give me any sort of work okay?” She snapped angrily with a lot of confidence in her voice.

“Fine, then prepare the files for tomorrow’s early meeting, talking about all the benefits this would give us,” I instructed her as I tossed her a file.

“What? How am I supposed to do that when I know nothing about your company,” she asked me with shock evident on her face.

“See, I told you you can’t do anything,” I simply said with a shrug.

“Watch the file in front of you in 2 hours,” she stated in a challenging tone and stormed out of the cabin while I chuckled at her childish behaviour.

“Challenge is needed for both these sisters to function” I mumbled to myself when I saw Laksh and Ragini walk into the main office. They greeted Swara and both of them made their way to my cabin.

“Bro,” Laksh said with a little anger and hatred in his voice.

“Hey, did Ragini agree-” I enquired when he cut me off.

“Bro, what is she saying? Did dad kidnap anyone?”

I looked at him in shock while Ragini shrugged apologetically at me. Shit, she told him? I didn’t bother to tell him in the past 2 years as I didn’t know what to tell him. Like seriously, what the hell am I supposed to tell him?

“Look, let’s not create a havoc here, so we will talk this at home,” I tried to explain but all my efforts went to vain when he said.

“No, I want to know now, is she right?”

I opened my mouth to object when he received a call and left the room with it.

“He needs to know,” Ragini told me with a heavy sigh and adamant eyes.

“Fine, I’ll tell him,” I muttered with frustration as I sat down on my chair in a flash.

“You look worried too, all okay?” I asked her when she bit her nails with nervousness.

“Well, I was in coma for the past month and Swara wants to know what happened to me,” she muttered under her breath while I sat there with my mouth hung open.

“What?” I yelped in shock, she was in coma?

“You need to tell her too then, she has the right to know,” I told her in the same way she did a few minutes back.

“Why don’t we do it together then?” She asked me as her eyes flashed with relief.

“Hmm…going through hell with a friend. Sounds good,” I agreed with wide grin.

This was going to be a long evening I thought as I saw Laksh and Swara frown at each other out of my cabin.
I know all of you are like WTH?? But I am confused at the moment. I need a few clarifications before I continue….so bear with me for a day.

I was planning to write something else, but y’day I saw a comment of Kiara with an amazing idea…..a confrontation of all the 4 people to spill their secrets. I loved it, so I changed the track to fit that in. BUT, what else do you guys want to know except how Ragini fell in coma. Anything else??

I wanted to ask this before I wrote the rest of the confrontation as I don’t want to drag it for 2 episodes. I want to end it in one big update, so sorry for the abrupt ending for this one, but can all of you please take a minute to TELL ME if you guys have another other QUESTIONS and I promise to answer most of them in the next part. Any questions, like what happened in the past 2 years, why Ragini stopped racing, or more about the mysterious person who caused the accident 2 years ago, anything……..

Thanks a ton again Kiara for the idea…..and I hope I will get a better clarity as to what to write for the next update with your comments!

SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 36)


SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 36)

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