Diff topic combined together (TEI)

Hey guys m back wid another episodic analysis….guess who?? The great twinjfan..lol..yeah i think u all guessed…its Tara!! First i wanna thank our news reporter for starting this new segment of epi analysis…really appreciated…I still remember my first article nd how it went viral…haha..enough of bragging…bt don’t worry muskan i wont take ur job….m here just to analyse the current track of TEI.
So to start wid….this ongoing dragging of twinj separation is really unbearable for me…only twinj nok jhoks and kunj’s concern for twinkle gives me relief…i m not watching tei for few days..rather just reading WU…we were all waiting for love confession bt ended up wid manohar going to coma….bt at least something good happened that USHA RANI got out of the house….!!
I loved the par when uv tortured mahi…i was like yessss!! (y) (y)…hopefully that dumbo will understand soon what mistake she made….bt i loved zain’s acting….he is superb!! <3 <3 i wonder what would have happened if he was not there for yuvi’s role?? Surely no one would have done justice to yuvraj’s char….love zain…
I want to share few moments which i liked…
Yuvi in manohars room….
Y: ap abhi toh coma m hain par isse pehle bhi coma m the kya jo twinkle ko business sop diya….(lol!! I knw its not xctly what he said bt i loved this part)
Kunj surprised at twinkle’s intelligence ….
K: subah subah badam khaye the kya?? (haha..too cute..)
Now coming to the serious part…the entry of sukriti as rajjo…..well i found the idea very lame…i mean y these directors plot such stupid scripts…get some new ideas man…grow up..we are sick of these boring plots…akku i read ur comment ..and I also feel the same..I think this rajjo loves someone else nd her father is getting her married to some other guys..so she is trying to escape the marriage by trapping kunj…lets see what happens…i just hope there will be less dragging although it will be too much to hope as cvs ppl are living on dragging only!!
Lastly one imp message to all twinjlovers….guys nowadays we are facing much opposition from twiraj fans…although they are much less in numbers bt yet it affects many ppl….nd m sorry to ritzi nd muskan that ur articles got spoiled coz of my comments..specially ritzy…i have decided to avoid these ppl..nd wud suggest u all to do the same…if something becomes serious then we will complain to TU abt it…coz we can’t help if few ppl have lost it….but i should say nd will say that everyone is not the same..few ppl are understanding like karina…she is well behaved nd well spoken…in spite of being a twiraj fan…we can’t change others mentality so we better keep quiet.. “kyun ki dusro p kichad uchhalne se khud par bhi gidta hain..nd khudke haat be gande hote hain…”
I wont say anything else…i have given u all many topics so plzzzz share ur views..if u wish in all topics or ur fav one..doesnt matter bt plzz do comment…
Healthy criticism is accepted but BASHERS STAY AWAY…. as i don’t want any more drama…have a nice day…
Best wishes

Diff topic combined together (TEI)


Diff topic combined together (TEI)


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