All alone ragini episode 62

At dinning table ..
Laksh opens mouth because of ananya answer even dp and rp gets shocked.
All laughs by seeing their expressions.
Swara:-tomorrow lets all go to a small picnic weekend also it will be some fresh for us all.
Ap:-good idea but where
Sujtha:-our farm house didi
Laksh and swara looks at each other and then ragini and sankar
Ragini and sanskar remember their first kiss and few moments and smiles lightly.
Laksh slowly:-bhai i knew that u went to past dont blush more bhai ur face is already turned into red and laughs.
Sanskar:-very funny have dinner first ..
Swara sees ragini and lifts her eyebrows and ragini says wat in signalling way.
Swara nodes head in no manner..
Ragini takes a big piece of roti and stuff into her mouth to hide her smile…
All family members decide to go to farm house for two days and asks servents to arrange everything.
Ap:-sleep fastly kids because tomorrow morning we r going to picnic ..
Kids gets happy and shouts hieee.
Swara:-do u see ragini and sanskar face they turned into red
Lisening farm house name..
Laksh hugs and says:-ofcourse their romance part started from their only naa..
They both hugs and smiles..

In ragsan room..
Rags is near window and remembering their first kiss and close moments in rain and smiles.
Sanskar:-remembering old moments..
They both talks to each other and finally sleeps hugging ananya…
Next morning.
Ragini:-shakes sanskar and ananya sitting on his stomach and shaking him ..
Rags sanskar wake up plzzz.
Dadyy wake up …
Sanskar smiles but stops immediately..
Rags sees this and goes towards his ears sanskar senses her coming towards her ears and get alert when she keeps her lips near
his ears and about to stop sanskar immediately turns and kisses her on lips rags gets shocked and sees ananya and then him..
She sends ananya out and asks her to wake up laksh chachu.
Ananya goes rags stands and sees him by keeping her hands on her waist ..
Sanskar drags her by hand and holds her tightly.
Rags:-wat u did sanskar no shame at all..
Sanskar:-arey i just louched your lips i didnot do anythingwhich always make to shy..
Rags:-smiles and cover her shyness and about to get up but sanskar drags her again.
Rags:-now wat.
Sanskar:-haa i just touched your lips now i want to kiss you..
Rags smiles and kisses him on lips and runs from there where sanskar gets shocked at her action.
Sanskar:-in these many years 1st time she kissed me that to hurrily not fare i will make u kiss me this time for a long and gets up from
Bed and goes to freshen up.
All goes to farm house at evening all went out sanskar signal laksh and laksh winks back…
Laksh:-ragini babhi can u give me water.
Ragini:-haa and check for bottle and doesnt find she says i think its left in bus i will bring and goes.
Swara:-i will also come.
Laksh:-where u will go u come with me and drags her.
Ragini see at laksh actions smiles and leaves towards bus….
Ragini gets up bus and takes bottle and turns and sees sanskar..
Rags:-wat r u doing here.
Sanskar:-came to accompany my wife.
Rags:-oh oh.
Sanskar:-oh oh oh..
Sanskar goes and closes rags eyes.
Rags:-wat r u doing sanskar .
Sanskar:-i will take u some place come with me.
Sanskar takes her to some place by closing her eyes makes her turn and pins her to something and takes hand from her eyes.
Rags slowly opens eyes and sees she was laying her back to tree and see around place and remembers sees sanskar and smiles .
Sanskar:-so u still remember this place.
Ragini:-how can i forget this is the place where first time we kissed each other…
Sanskar smiles and rags says in this plan laksh helped u naa.
Rags:-wat will he think sanskar.
Sanskar:-he is not a kid he will understand..and madam wat you did in morning was not proper so give me my kiss properly..
Rags:-wat now here wat will if any one watches us.
Sanskar:-when we kissed that time
No one came or no one see was naa.
Rags:-thats night sanskar and its dark.
Sanskar:-u r afraid of darkness right thats why i bought u here when it have little light and dark.
Rags:-but i am no more afraid of darkness because u will be their for me naa but
Sanskar:-its ok if u dont feel free and about to go ..
Rags catches his collar and drags him towards her and kisses him on his lips.
They both were closing eyes.
Rags one hand is on his face and another is clutching his collar.
Sanskar catches her by her waist and at her shoulder.

After some time phone call disturbs them.
They break their kiss and sanskar see laksh calling and picks up.
Sanskar:-wat lucky.
Laksh:-bhai how much time u will take i cant manage our parents more they will come to knew that u both were missing .
Sanskar:-ok ok coming.
They both goes from their and joins family slowly.
All enjoys playing games and having dinner to night..
While ananya playing ananya unfortunately pushes ragini in to a wet mud.
All laughs and swara gives her hand and picks her up…
Ananya catches ears and says sorry mumma.
Prudhvi sees and comes towards ananya and does as like her by catching ears and say sry mumma.
All smiles by seeing their bonding..

Precap:- romance between ragsan

All alone ragini episode 62


All alone ragini episode 62


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