SWASAN – you are MINE! summary

Anu dear summery for you…This might not be the best summery but still tried…as u requested….

Sanskar is the leader of black eagles who rules kokaltak and decides everything that happens in kolkalta..Every year they select 3-5 students of final year from the college and if the students were boys the had to joing the black eagles gang and if they were girls they had to marry a member of black eagles…

ragini and lakshya were engaged but her parents broke the engagement because lakshya was selected by the black eagles and he had to join the gang…but later lakshya forcefully got married to ragini….on ragini’s wedding day Sanskar and swara meet..swara met him for the first time…but sanskaer knew her from past 2 years without her knowledge…she was scared of him…

snaskare is madly in love with swara…and he think she is only his…he follows her everywhere without her knowledge … they met again in shoping mall and sanskar asked her that he will drop her home…she refused at fisrt but…later agreed as everyone in th mall were looking at the and she didn’t wanted to be cenre of attraction…everyday he used to wait ouisde her college…

Sanskar wen out of the town for few days and swara’s wedding got fixed with her childhood friend Rahul…and the wedding was supposed to happen after a month but beacause of her dads accidedn…he wanted to see her as a bride and got hertook her.. married in two days…Sanskar found out and immediately to her house and

you know the rest

SWASAN – you are MINE! summary


SWASAN – you are MINE! summary


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