Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 7)

Guyzz I m so happy to knowing that the previous episode was not boring…Now please read this episode.Kavita’s truth came out dear frnzz . comment please coz I don’t know u ll like it or not….

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Episode 7

Sanskar is kissing on Swara’s forehead and is patting her head….”Shona I will be back soon.”….Then he took a look at the Stretched and ordered papers in his hand.He found it all from the corner.He is fuming in anger….”but b4 that I have to do something which was I had to do”….he said it with decisiveness.When he inclined to take a pillow for her,her Mangalsutra knotted on his shirt’s button.He smiled….”Shona I will show you.Please wait for my return. I will garnish it once again on your neck.”….Sanskar removed it from his shirt. He again kissed on her forehead with holding her cheeks. Then he turned to her tummy….”My Teddy bears your Papa will be back soon… Lekin tab tak apni maa ka khyal rakhna”(Take care of your mamma till then)….he smiled and kissed her belly….he walked and looked at her from the entrance of the room…. “I m feeling something bad I don”t want to go from you but I have to do that….”

Sanskar is driving the car.His eyes are fuming in anger.He remembered Rajeev’s call.That doctor’s interrogation….”Kavita I will show what can I do to you”…..Rajeev called him…”Sanskar I think she is a melodramatic woman.She will do anything for her safety. Maybe she will trap you and Swara.The American cops need solid proofs…”…..Sanskar in decisiveness… “I know Rajeev she is a melodramatic.I will take care of it.You please come there with cops”……
Sanskar entered to Kavita’s house… She came to him with sobbing and hugged him…”Sanskar nothing is left, everything is over… Your child it is gone…”. She again sobbed.He is angrily staring at the wall and held her back. She stopped her sobbing for a moment. She is very happy….”Your Swara,yesterday she visited here to meet you….”I told her that you are not here”… She held him tightly….” But your jealous wife,she jerked me from the stair case. I begged her to not to do that but she didn’t heard me….He left her from hugging.She stunningly looked at him.She saw his burning eyes…”I knew it so I returned so early. You know, Swara ,she is very cruel,I learned it now.”….Kavita is crying but she is happy in her heart.

But her fake tears are flowing through her cheeks….. ” Sanskar I really desired that I will deliver your baby…but but I am really helpless..Sanskar, Sanskar please give me an another chance. Please make me your surrogate once again. I will definitely do that”….she sobbed with crouching her head. Sanskar raised her chin…”Yeah I am giving you an another chance, please deliver my baby”…. She is stunned to hear that…Sanskar continued his speech…”But not as my surrogate,I want our own baby.”…. Firstly she scared and becomes happy in her mind.But she acted…..”Sanskar what are you saying???are you crazy??Swara, she is your wife, your responsibility.you have to be with her.”…..Sanskar is burning inside…”oh God what an acting skill…”……he thought and continued his acting…. “It’s all got over Kavita.Now she will not interfere in our life.”….. She is smiling in her heart but showing a sad expression…” But Sanskar then what about Swara…. ”
“Sshhhh…”… He placed his finger on her lips and alerts her to be silent…”Then what about us Kavu…”…. He seated her at the nearby sofa and he also sat beside her with holding her cheeks.She is innocently looking at him….” You know Kavita that how much I missed you in these days.I was desiring to be with you and here you,you are taking all interferences midst of us.You know how innocent you are??..I was fearing her,you know she can do anything ….Anyway I am happy, she didn’t harmed you na???”

She is very happy… “finally he accepted me without any external pressure”…….he continued
“Anyway I am thankful to Swara”…. She stunned once again….”Even I don’t want this baby,I only want you…it was also an interruption”….. Sanskar stared at her.Now she is lost in her thoughts. Sanskar learns that his acting not efficient than her.He stood up and took a knife which was near the cutted apples….”I know Kavi that you are not believing me but will you please wait for me,I will kill Swara,maybe I can get a life time sentence or I will be hanged but I will only love you.Will you please pray for me…”….. She doubtfully looked at him….”Sanskar you told me just now that you don’t want that baby then why are you attempting to kill her…”.She asked him….”But she tried to harm you Kavita.I can’t tolerate that, I can’t endure a particle of soil will touch you…You know Kavita I am fallen for you when I saw you first time…I begun to forget that Swara.In fact you gave me that happiness…”…. She crouched her head with thinking something deeply…”I know Kavu you are not trusting me. Now I don’t want this life.I can’t live without you…”….Sanskar cutted his wrist by that knife….??? Sanskar she shouts.Blood is flowing from his veins. She bandaged his hand with her duppatta and seated him on the sofa she also seated beside him….”Sanskar how could you do this to me,you know how much I love you”….she hugged him with sobbing.He touched on her back… “The eagle is trapped in my net, now I have to destruct it”…. He thought with an evil smile…….

Some minutes later….

Now they came more closer to each other. Sanskar is running his fingers through her hair above her ears.She is enjoying it and is closing her eyes….”Kavita I want to be move on. I want to forget my past with her will you please help me”… He feebly asked….”Mmm….”…. She is still closing her eyes and Sanskar is stroking his hands on her cheeks, forehead, lips…..Suddenly she jerked him….he is shocked….” Ohh God no no….my plan is going to be fail…”……he thought…..”Baby please wait I will be ready for it….”…She gave him a passionate smile. Sanskar sighed…”come fast…”…he said…..”u r naughty”….he slapped him slightly with a smile and left….”Go Kavita,now I will decide your future

Kavita got ready in a red night gown and applied some deodorant…. “Mrs Kavita Sanskar Maheshwari,Mrs Maheshwari….”….. She whispered and laughs in front of the mirror….”Why are you laughing Kavita please tell me.”…. He hugged her from back and rested his chin on her shoulder.He is looking at floor with a smile….”Nothing Sanskar”… She smiled….” Ohh God what is this amazing…”…
What happened Sanskar she stunningly asked….. “Your beauti it is back”….She stared at him with her fake anger…” What I was not beautiful till now”…..
“No Kavi you are extremely beautiful but your raised belly it made you defaced.”….
She blushed….” Now come fast I have some plans”…he told it with his face showing secret intentions…. “Plan !!!what plan Sanskar???”…
” Nothing Sweetie it is about our honeymoon plan”

Now , they are sitting at the bed…”Kavita you are so Smart.You did this everything, right???….”…..she stared at him doubtfully and he is smiling at Kavita
Kavita: What Sanskar I can’t understand…
Sanskar: I am asking you that you separated me and Swara right???
She nodded her head, “Sanskar,I m not….”…
” sshhh…”…he alerts her to be silent…”No Kavi I knew everything in fact I am also wished this.”….
Kavita: but you didn’t told me anything…. She asked.He holds her hands
Sanskar: I was examining my beloved’s intelligence.Tell me Kavi you did this na???…I can’t believe this, that an ordinary girl can do like this….
She walked a little, now Sanskar is at her back…
Kavita: yeah Sanskar I did this everything.In fact mujhe haalaat ki phayada utana achi tarah se aata hai….she confessed all her cruelties against Swasan to Sanskar.He felt that he want to kill her at the moment but he controlled himself…..”I did all this for you Sanskar,”……she ran to him and hugged.He clenched his fist but controlled himself once again….”Sanskar I can’t believe this,are you really hating Swara..? and loving me?”…
“I can’t love such a woman who made my life a hell…Sanskar said it with looking upon Kavita, his face changed into a rude one for a micro second and left her from hugging with holding her shoulders…”Kavi will u tell me something please…”….he asked… “Why are you begging me baby,from now you can only order me.”…. Sanskar smiles…”Okay now tell me,how did you do this abortion. I want to know about your intelligence even I have the right to know that na?…he is angrily staring at her but she is not noticing him.She is over joying to think about her future life with Sanskar….”Okay I will tell you but I have a demand…”
Sanskar: what …he stunningly asked.
Kavita: will u marry me…
He is shocked then he thought…. “It’s for some moments Kavita in fact your card palace will destroy soon” He agreed to marry her.She confessed all her offences to him.
He hugged her,he felt that he want to kill her at that moment….He changed his face into a rude but he gets a call from Rajeev….”Just a second my darling”….he left.But the call ends
He looked his Mobile with an evil smile.It is showing the video of Kavita’s confession…”Now I will show you Kavita,what is the power of our love”….He called Rajeev….”hello Rajeev I have sended you all the proofs,now please come with the cops”…..The call gets disconnected and he went to the bedroom. She made the bed beautiful…. “Wow the bed is looking awesome dear…”… He said and hugged her from back.She blushed….” Now I can’t wait for a moment Kavi..”….His face changed to a rude one for a micro second once again.Sanskar jerked her to the bed and he also lied beside her.Now he is staring at her eyes mordantly their eye balls are running unite….”Sanskar what are you doing… “…..she asked….” I m looking for something….”
Kavita: what…
Sanskar: Love…
Kavita: do you find that???
Sanskar: Yeah off course…I found out that…. Do you want to see that…
Kavita:mmm….she nodded her head….
Sanskar: then come on
He seated her in front of the mirror.He touched on her shoulder and looked at the mirror.Then smiled…”do you see that….” …..
“Yeah “…. She nodded her head with blushing..
Sanskar: But why Kavita I can’t see that….she looked at him with a smile…”what Sanskar u told me that you can see that in my eyes.”….
Sanskar: yeah off course I saw that Kavita but not in your eyes,I saw it in some another one’s eyes”….
She is shocked….”Sanskar what…”…he caught up her “leave it now tell me u can see that….”…he smiled and she also smiled to see him happy.He turned her against to the mirror…” Yeah Sanskar☺️☺️ I can..”..

??? phir se joot,phir se joot,phir se joot,Now tell me you can see that?? hmm agar aisa kuch hai hi nahi toh tum kaise dekhegi Kavita”….. He shouts..
Kavita:???? Sanskar….
Sanskar: just shut up your b****y mouth damn it…???

He pulled her closer and pined to the wall ……”Sanskar what happened to you, I can’t tolerate your words”….
Sanskar: Then what about my Shona Kavita…..How can she tolerate my separation with her….”
Kavita: ??? Shona,Are you still loving her….
Sanskar:yeah I am I m loving her,I loved her,I m loving her and I will love love her for ever….
Kavita: But the things that you told me????
Sanskar: joot ??? he shouts in a high pitch voice and she again shocks..
Kavita: ohh you were acting in front of me??…..
Sanskar: ?? yeah off course Kavita..
Kavita: I love you Sanskar please don’t leave me…. She sobbed…he holds her one cheek…”ohhh u r loving me.. “…
” Yes Sanskar ”
“Then why Kavita,why I can’t see your love for me in your eyes,that I noticed in my Shona’s eyes ever,that innocent look, that heart which is only beating for me, her mind…..
” oohh u r avoiding me for that selfish sterile b****y …”….something happened on her cheek.She doesn’t know it for a moment. He felt that this world is revolving around her.Sanskar slapped her….”??? khabardaar,khabardaar agar mere Shona ke baare mein aisa kuch kaha toh…..jaan se maardoongi main????”…..
Kavita: Swara that b****y b***h she….
He slapped on her another cheek….
“Kaha tha na main ne….I warned you…???? .Don’t tell anything about my Shona…..What is your right to say about her.You will never be equal to my Shona.I know Kavita,when you asked her to get rid of my life, I think she was willing for that without any demand. That was love… Can I tell you a true filmy dialogue….” Pyar hasil nahin kiya jaata voh bas ho jaata hain….I fall for my Shona when I saw her first time and about you.”…..he raised his finger to her…”You were solely like my Uttara…. Par ek baat tumne teek kaha Kavita tumhe haalaat ka phayada utana achi tarah se aata hain….par mein kah rahi hoon tumhe haalaat ki nahi pyar aur viswas ka phayada utana aata hain…..”….she is emotionally staring at him.I m telling you once again…. I can only love my Shona…..
Kavita: I hate you Sanskar,I will ruin your life,Swara,she hates you….
Sanskar: No Kavita she loves me but she is a little angry to me I will solve it soon…And Kavita this is the difference between her and your love….he sacrificed her love for me and you,you are trying to destroy me…Your love changed to hate so soon right.That is not love….

“Now I will show you what is your future…..???”…. She is fuming in anger.
Sanskar created a the sound like garrulous of lizard…..”No no Kavita now I will show you what is your future”…. He showed her the whole video.She is shocked….”Now you will spend your whole life in jail be ready for it my sweetheart….”….. He smiled,till then she snatched his phone and broke it….she smiled like an evil.He stunned to saw that….”Now what about my future Sanskar??”…..he took that broken pieces….”??????? oh god oh god what will I do now”…. Then he wiped his fake tears and gave her a mocking smile…..”But don’t worry Kavu,it already sended to the cops you don’t worry…. Voh log apni khantani kankan lekar aate hi honge”

He is about to leave the room. Then she touched her feet…. “Please Sanskar please don’t do it..u can’t do this to me… I m really sorry….” She sobbed…

????No Kavita jo harkat tumne kiye hai uske baad tum aurat kehlane ki laayak hi nahin bachi….jis khog ko tum bhoj keh rahi hoon na voh ek aurst ki naaz hai.Voh hi ek adhuri aurat ko poora karti hai…aur ek baat kaan kholkar sunn lo tum mera Shona adhuri nahin hai…..she is not sterile, She is expecting twins”….She is again and again shocking…..”God will never forgive you for this”….

Sanskar left the room and Kavita sobbed loudly….she lied on the floor…..


A 4 year Leap

Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 7)


Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 7)


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