HURDLES a way to love (epi 6)

HURDLES a way to love (epi 6)

It has been 2 months. 2 months since i have seen him. I am craving for his touch. I am going mad for him & he, he doesn’t care about that rght??…..
Has he forgotten me??… Has he made up with some other girl again? Or am i the 1st??…..
These damn questions were troubling me!…. I hadn’t called him. I want to talk to him fave-to-face. I knew nothing about him, though Uttara used to call me up often but i never had enquired about him. I felt that he doesn’t bother. Sometyms i would just think of forgetting him but couldn’t afterall he was my man!…..
Dadi was constantly making efforts to choose a perfect groom to make me marry. Coz my 1st marraige broke. After all i belong to an indian society.
And moreover a girl. Huh? Nuisanse……
“Chori! Tane toh koyi pachtawa ya charam to na bachi hai! Par hamari toh hai na! Bar bar mana mana karne ke bawajud tu usse rishta rakhi thi na? Dekhliya na apne akho se! Aur woh chori….. Usko toh maine ghar ke andar lane se hi mana kar diya tha. Par tum ma-beti mari bat manoge tab na? Tum dono ko toh manmani kar ne ki adat hai! Ab bhugto! Lekin ab mare bete ki aur badnami hote huwe na dekh saku hu! Isliye tujhe toh shaadi karni hi paregi ab! Na nahi karegi! Agar kiya toh mujhse bura koi na hoga!”, dadi would alwys say. This bhashan is on go since past 2 months. I thought she would end up but no. Moreover this man was nowhere to be found. I’m weeping continuously since past 4hrs. None’s there to console me. I was weeping & weeping. I loved this man madly & i could not control myself now. I needed my answers. I want to meet him now. I want him. Though i very well know that my father would never allow me to do so. He’ll never allow to go to that house again. I was missing everyone there but i couldn’t do anything. I dialled up Uttara’s no.
“Hello! Swara is everything…..”, i cut off her words.
“Listen! Can u tell where’s Sanskar??…”
“Bhai isn’t here….”, she spoke.
“What? Then where’s he??”
He went to Mumbai soon after all this drama! But what happened to u so suddenly? U nevr asked about him in these 2 months?”
“Leave all that plz give me his address? And ya do me a favour plz! Don’t let anyone know that i asked about him ok?”
She gave me his address.
Without letting her answer anything i hang up the call.

I have packed my bags & i m ready to leave. It was 1 am of night. We have security surrounding our house. But i had to leave. I need him. I can’t marry anyone else. I moved to an fro. I had my flight an hour later.

I had escaped safely. I reached airport & this flight took off!
Its 9am in the morning i had reached Mumbai. I have called him all along the way but the answer was same ‘switched off’. I took off a cab & drove to his office, i knew he was quite punctual. He must have left home by now.

I reached his office. I asked the receptionist about him.
“Mam, Sanskar sir’s in a meeting. U can’t meet him now.”
“Tell him that Swara is here!”
“Sorry! Mam but sir asked me not to disturb him. I can’t let u in.”
“Plz! Its urgent!”
After so much of arguement she wasn’t listening to me. I had no other option but to run. I had come all along kolkata leaving my family & everyone & he hadn’t tym for me!
I ran throughout the offuce. Security officers were back of me. I have to run lyk Milkha Singh & finally reached the conference hall.
Oh god my Hottie was there presenting his work keenly. I was quite professional about work but not now. As soon as i bang opened the door, he took a look & i could only see his shocked face. I was breathing heavily due to this escape. But all of a sudden it got into a fright! ‘If he says no??’

But still i took off my nervous mood & spoke. Nothing came out except! “Sanskar we need to talk!”

Precap- kavita’s entry! Swasan misunderstanding!

Guys plz lemme know how was this. And silent readers plz do comment! Or else how will i know its good or bad?
If i couldn’t meet ur expectation then i’m really sorry. I will get irregular most probably coz my boards r on. But i’ll be regular don’t worry coz only one exam left! & if ur disappointed with the precap lemme know!

Thank you.

HURDLES a way to love (epi 6)


HURDLES a way to love (epi 6)

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