An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 8)

An unconditional love Virika and Twinj

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Episode starts with Leela asking Twinkle to drink the soup… Twinkle signs no!!
L:Twinkle puttar Zidd mat kar..
Twinkle signs no and acts to sleep..
Jeevika comes in .. Leela says Jeevika now only you can make Twinkle drink soup..
J:Twinkle come drink soup..
Twinkle signs no..

Just then Kunj enters the room and says Siyappa Queen again your dramas are started…
Leela and Jeevika Smile looking at each other. They come to Kunj and takes him aside.. Twinkle watch them suspiciously ..
J:Kunj Twinkle is not drinking soup now what to do??
K:Aunty just wait and watch how I make her drink the soup…
L:All the best puttar..
K:Thanks Maa… I mean Aunty..
Leela and Jeevika smiles and leaves..
Kunj comes to Twinkle..
K:you know Twinkle I love Food..and especially Aunty’s made food..
He drinks a sip of the soup
K:areee wah aunty kya soup banaya bai apne maan Gaye aapko..aaj tak Maine aisa soup apni life me nai piya hai…
Leela and Jeevika were seeing this standing outside the room..

He drinks another sip
K:Twinkle sahi me agar tune ye soup peeya hota na toh tu bhi yahi bolti.. Par sad me tuhje ye soup mangegi na toh bhi nai dunga… He shows his thumb??..
Twinkle stares at him angrily..
K:acha chal I give you a challenge that if you take soup bowl from me in 2 mins I’ll give you my soup…
Twinkle tries to snatch the bowl but Kunj takes it and runs..
Twinkle acts as she was falling and Kunj comes there and Saves her keeping the soup on the desk.. Twinkle takes the soup and drinks it as fast as she could.. Kunj pretends to be angry but he is happy from inside that finally he is succeeded in making twinkle drink the soup..
K:this is cheating Twinkle… I am not talking to you!!!
Twinkle looks at him and shows her thumb?????
Leela thinks in her mind that Kunj is perfect for My Twinkle .. No one can be better than him… She leaves..

Kunj runs Behind Twinkle..when Twinkle was about to fall Kunj comes there and holds her in time.. They both have an eye lock (sajna ve… Plays)

Kunj Picks her makes her lie on the bed..

They both felt awkward.
T:(in her mind) how easily Kunj made me drink Soup!! I love You Kunj Sarna..
Interrupting silence..
K:What I wanted to say something…
Twinkle signs him to speak..
K:Twinkle you would have come to know about our marriage ..
She nods
K:I just wanted to say that If I am not doing this Mariage forcefully.. This is my own decision and I’ll never regret on it.. As I cannot get a wonderful better half than you…
Twinkle is Touched by his words..
K:Twinkle I promise you that I will be by your side every time no matter what… I’ll never make you feel lonely.. I promise.. But..
Twinkle signs him but what??
K:are you ready for the marriage?? I am sorry I didn’t ask you about it. I took all the decisions by myself.. But if say no I am okay…(before he completes his sentence.. Twinkle Hugs him….
Kunj feels her touch.. He was feeling as if he was in heaven… He was feeling peace in her arms and wished that he never leaves her arms.. At that moment the forgot all his sorrows, and just Felt deep Happiness from inside..
Twinkle then breaks the hug and signs him to bring a paper and pen.he brings it..
Twinkle starts to write something on it.. Kunj was trying to see but she was hiding it and writing..

K:what are you writing siyappa queen..
Twinkle Keeps her finger on Kunj’s mouth… They share an eye lock…
Twinkle finishes her writing and folds the paper and gives to Kunj..
Kunj sees it and On the top it was written that Don’t open it now go home and read it…
Kunj says no I’ll not wait for that time.. He was going to open when Twinkle snatched the paper hides behind her Hands.. Kunj tries to take and and he falls on Twinkle.. They both were just few centimeters always from a kiss.. But suddenly Jeevika knoks the door and they both compose themselves.. Twinkle gives the paper to Kunj and he leaves ..

Kunj was shocked reading the letter given by Twinkle..

What was written in letter??

Stay tuned for the next episode..

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An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 8)


An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 8)


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