Dehleez 16th March 2016 –

Dehleez 16th March 2016 –

Dehleez 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with an inspector duping poor people for money. Adarsh comes there and asks the man did his FIR get submitted. Inspector asks who is he. The man says my relative. Inspector argues with Adarsh. Adarsh asks him to take the FIR. Inspector says I will arrest you. Adarsh asks how. Inspector hears police siren and says it will stand infront of you when I give a voice. Adarsh says its here without your raising a voice. He gives recording of inspector’s accepting the crime. Inspector gets arrested. The man says Adarsh Sinha is additional director of home ministry. Adarsh talks to the old people and take their blessings. Adarsh thinks I wished to see Swadheenta again, lets see when my wish gets true.

Asad drives off scooty in high speed and mud falls over Adarsh’s shirt. Adarsh sees Swadheeta on the scooty, sitting behind Asad. She laughs seeing him. Adarsh thinks it means Lord will give only what I wish for, but chilli and mud, till when will this go on. He smiles.

Simmi wears a western dress and flaunts her style infront of elder Bhabho. She says what are you seeing, did you not see a designer dress before. Bhabho says no, I did not see this. Simmi says its latest trend. Suhasini comes there talking to Dubey on phone. She likes the cushions and says I liked those colors. She reacts seeing Simmi’s outfit. Elder Bhabhi says mom, its latest trend. Simmi says mom, I got this designed for attending dad’s party. Suhasini says you are going as our bahu, please change. Mukesh comes and says so we are ready.

Jaideep asks Suhasini to change and come. Suhasini says I m tired, you all go. Abhay says then we will not go, I know you are fine, you are not tired, we are not seeing this for first time, its 6 months of my marriage and mom is not forgetting anything. Suhasini says I would have forgotten your mistake, don’t forget you broke our trust, you forgot 24 years of upbringing, you run away and got married, you thought mom will be angry and hurt, you will convince me, is accepting this so easy, I can’t forget you broke my trust. Simmi says you are annoyed with me and Abhay, whats dad’s mistake. Suhasini says supporting wrong is wrong. Simmi says he did not do wrong, you are blaming him. Suhasini says I don’t blame anyone for no reason, within or outside court. She goes. Mukesh says I really think Suhasini is unwell, Abhay you know your mummy loves you, I will talk to Ahuja.

Swadheenta and Asad reach the farmers area. A man asks what do they want. Swadheenta asks for Prakash Yadav. A lady asks the men not to trouble her, and talks to Swadheenta. She says I m Prakash’s wife, what work do you have. Swadheenta says I m taking that land dispute case. The lady asks them to come with her.

Ahuja welcomes the guests in party. Mukesh congratulates Ahuja. Ahuja compliments Simmi and Abhay. He says you came, spring came…. I mean aap aaye bahaar aayi…. They smile. Ahuja asks why did Suhasini come. Mukesh says she was unwell, that’s why. Ahuja says it does not matter, its big day of my life, come.

The lady Ratna tells Swadheeta that Ahuja snatched their land and also of others. A man asks Ratna to get water for Swadheenta. Ratna gives water and says I have sent Shankar to call Prakash. The man shows the map and says its our land, more percentage is of Prakash. Ahuja shows the township model and drinks. He says this is my land, my dream project will be made here. Chadda says its big project. Ahuja says I don’t make small projects.

Adarsh comes and Abhay asks him to come. Adarsh says let me meet Ahuja uncle. Abhay says he is boring everyone, meet after party. They leave. The poor farmers ask Swadheenta to help them, its their first hearing. Swadheenta looks on.

Adarsh says don’t worry, I will talk to mom. Abhay says it goes on, whats going on, you come on time always, where were you today. Adarsh says I was stuck in traffic. Abhay says I have more experience in romance, thanks to Simmi, you can’t fool me, tell me her name. Adarsh says leave it. Abhay says fine, don’t tell me. Adarsh recalls Swadheenta and smiles. Abhay catches him and says I had put normal water instead drink, you can do anything, but you can’t even act to lie.

Ratna asks will we lose this cae. A man comes and says Prakash was drinking a lot, he got mad, he said he will not leave Ahuja. Ratna worries. The man says Prakash went to Ahuja. Prakash reaches Ahuja’s house and asks Ahuja to come out. Guard tries to stop him. Ahuja asks who is it. Adarsh and his family look on. Prakash says I won’t give my land. Ahuja says I don’t know him. Prakash says why will you identify us, you snatched our land. Ahuja says Prakash you…. He is my worker, he used to drink and come, I fired him from job, see he is drunk again.

He asks Prakash why does he drink so much, come to office tomorrow, we will sit and talk. Prakash says I will not sell my land. Ahuj gives him some money and says take money from me tomorrow and matter ends. Prakash says I don’t want money. Farmers come and hold Prakash. Ahuja says bring Prakash to office tomorrow. He threatens Prakash in low tone and asks him to keep money.

Swadheenta walks in there and takes the money. She hands it over back to Ahuja and asks him to keep it, it can be useful for him. Adarsh looks at her, amazed. Ahuja asks who is this girl now. Swadheenta says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, these farmers’ lawyer.

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Dehleez 16th March 2016 –


Dehleez 16th March 2016 –

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