Tamanna 16th March 2016 –

Tamanna 16th March 2016 –

Tamanna 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

The Episode starts with Lavanya telling Dhara about aunty’s paralysis and checking the x rays. She asks uncle why did he throw envelops. He says it got torn. She says date is there on right side, don’t worry, I will take the last three xrays to show doctor. Dhara says I will go and make daal now, Mihir will be dining at office. Lavanya says I will make rice, we will dine in. Dhara says fine and goes.

Peon asks Mihir to vacate the cabin, its boss’ order. Mihir says fine, where will I sit. Peon says cubicle 4. Mihir asks intern to write about this too. Dhara checks Mihir’s x ray and sees the date. She says its old, and calls Mihir. He left his phone in cabin. Mihir goes out with intern and says you maybe thinking I m so mean and selfish, say truth. Intern says yes, I was thinking this. Mihir says thanks, if everyone get selfish, there won’t be problem, selfishness is necessary to get successful, but not infront of me. Intern asks why did you get shifted to cubicle. Mihir says efficiency is needed a lot, I could not become boss’ puppet and got shifted, I have backout plans always, I married village girl, but she is smart, so I had backup plan of allowing her to cricket, then I acted of injury and she did not go to play cricket.

Peon says your wife called at office. He says but I refused to call her on office number. Peon says your mobile had many calls, I think its emergency. Mihir checks missed calls. Intern says there will be emergency, call her. Mihir says I have to think of explanation first, did she get to know about my fake injury, she is smarter than I thought. Intern asks how will she know. Mihir says if she calls again, you answer call, tell her Sir has low BP and is sleeping, if she asks you to wake me up, it means she got to know the truth, then we will think of Plan C. Dhara calls him. Mihir says I m putting it on speaker, lie to her confidently. Intern says sir is sleeping, shall I wake him up. She says yes. He says fine, call after 5mins. Mihir ends call and says it means she got to know, how, I m sure she saw date on xray.

Mihir calls her and asks you called, I had low bp and feeling uneasiness. She asks when are you coming home, I have to talk. He says give me 5-10mins, I will talk. He ends call.

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Tamanna 16th March 2016 –


Tamanna 16th March 2016 –

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