Young love epi-10

Young love epi-10

Guys thnx for your extradinary support for my new ff I did not expect this and thnx guys without you 10 epi won’t be completed I thought to update 3 epi in a week but after seeing your comments I am trying to update epi daily. So let us start…

The episode starts with Ranveer comes close to her and he was about to kiss her suddenly she moves. He holds her hand and pulls her closer and tells today let us go out. She agrees.

Ranveer tells her to get ready soon. Ritvik gives money to a man and tells him to make the work correctly. He tells OK. Ishaani tells ranveer today I have done food.

He gets amused and tells OK. Someone comes back of house and mixes poison on it. Ishaani serves the food to ranveer he eats and falls down.

Ranveer parents sees this and gets shocked and beats Ishaani and pulls her down and takes ranveer to hospital. Ishaani also comes there. Ranveer parents tells her to stay out.

Doctor tells them that he is fine and they tells ranveer calls Ishaani who is it? Ishaani comes and tells it is me. They tells her that he told your name only pls go inside. Ranveer mother taunts her and tells her to stand out. His father tells let her go.

Ishaani comes inside and sits near him. Ranveer opens his eyes and tells I told know your food is poison; He laughs. She cries. He tells I told simply. Pls don’t cry and tells I know you did not mix it. Police comes there and asks ranveer who mixed it? He tells it is not Ishaani.

Pls leave her police leaves from there. Ranveer tells her not to cry pls pls. She tells OK and sits there

Ishaani sees ranveer state and thinks this should ritvik plan I will not leave him. She calls radhika and tells everything. She tells OK I will take care pls be careful.

Precap:Ishaani was sleeping near ranveer bed. Ritvik comes there and takes oxygen mask. Ranveer struggles. Ishaani gets up and sees it and gets shocked.

Hope you all enjoyed ishveer scenes today pls leave a comment.

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-10


Young love epi-10

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