Together we are everything :twinj (episode 3)

Together we are everything :twinj (episode 3)

Hi guys so , I am back with my 3rd episode

Scene 1

Twinj goes to their room , twinkle remembers her moments wid kunj yesterday and blushes ,

K: someone is blushing so hard
T: when did I blush ? Huh?
K: did I tell you that u blushed ? No right ?
T: u…… Khardoos sarna
And throws pillow on him. And runs from there .

Scene 2

It’s morning , its holi time , kunj comes down (he is wearing a white kurta and Patiala pant ) he greets everyone .

B: kunj putar , where is twinkle
K: Beebe u know her , if she starts to make up na , she will not come today
T: hello , I don’t make up so much Ok , look Beebe he always says like this
( she is wearing a white Patiala churidhar )
B: oh, please stop ur fight , its holi everyone enjoy

Suddenly a voice so what about us its chinki , anand , Nikki and Ishaan , twinkle welcomes them and tells something in ishaan’s ears

Ishaaan comes and tells kunj to show his face , kunj bends down Ishaan puts holi colour on his face , everyone laughs , Ishaan and twinkle gives a high five and twinkle smiles at kunj .

Kunj self thought : oh , Mrs sarna its ur games , lets see what I will do to u
And smiles

Scene 3

Sarna family make teams and play holi , uv , twinkle , Beebe ,chinki , manohar is in one team and mahi , kunj, anand , Nikki , usha is in one team . twinkle says to Uv

T: jiju , we have to win
U: sure twinkle don’t worry
Mahi : no , me and my sali will never let you win , we will win , kunj

K: ha, bhabi is right we will win

The game starts twinkle puts yellow colour on kunj’s face and runs , he runs behind her
Twinkle is hiding , kunj sees her and slowly comes and put red colour on her face and everyone forgets about teams and enjoy and had bhang , yuhi have some of romance when applying colour . kunj and twinkle drinks bhang and dances , kunj gets mesmerized when he sees twinkle dancing , glances at her . All enjoy and have a lot fun …………………..

Precap : twinkle and kunj goes to a cliff and someone hits twinj from back , they get injured badly and kunj gets little conscious and search for twinkle, twinkle goes missing kunj gets a memory loss everyone cries badly .

Guys please comment ????????

Together we are everything :twinj (episode 3)


Together we are everything :twinj (episode 3)

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