Spoilers — 16th March 2016


Roli is caught by the evil chief in Simar’s house. He asks Simar to give the Chandramani or let her sister die. He disappears Roli and Simar gets caught. Simar called a tantric in her inlaws to save her family from ghosts. The ghosts team up and tantric fails to catch them. Mata ji gives Chandramani to Malti, on Simar’s saying, but things do not get fine.


Sarika and Niddhi have doubt that Shanaya is Ishita. Shanaya calls Ashok and is fooling him. She acts sweet to him and asks him to get her purse from her car. He has become Shanaya’s puppet. Ashok expects to get some benefit from all his efforts. Ishita makes Niddhi jealous. Ishita sits in godh bharai rasam with Raman. Sarika tries to lift her ghunghat. Ishita goes to room and comes in Shanaya’s getup again.

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Spoilers — 16th March 2016


Spoilers — 16th March 2016


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