Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 5)

Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 5)

Manan;its nandini my dream girl
Aryaman overjoyed called all in group.
“What do emergency you just ran?” Navya questioned
“Is everything fine? Any problem” nandini enquired
“Girls girls just stop thinking and come to city hospital in 5. Don’t worry it’s great news” aryaman just hanged up the call

“What the hell this man yaar?” Mukhti got irritated
“Come on let’s go he said no need to worry it’s goodnews so let’s find out”Aliya stood up
“If it’s any thing funny iam going to kill him” navya said in anger
“May be Manik is found?” Nandini with hope said
All once went blank then just ran to parking
All rushed in dam speed everyone are praying hope it’s Manik.

“Mukhti go fast yaar” navya shouted
“This dam traffic aaaaas” shouted mukhti keep on horning
“Safety frist don’t mess up” Aliya suggested
After half an hour they reached hospital
Aryaman is in entrance
“Girls frist left room go fast”
“What the hell ary…..
“Don’t waste time go fast” he made them more curious and with much more excited they all ran in
Nandini stepped back “is it Manik?”
Aryaman gave a sarrowful look and said “no Nandini” strictly
Nandini eyes filled with tears
“Frist go in” he wanted lay created curiosity

Mukhti Aliya when entered the room they are shocked.
Navya entered by seeing in she just stepped back with over welled happiness and shock, with a full of tears which are shouting with all the pain which she gone through in his abscence.
She just sat on floor and cried loudly
“Yes it’s cabir”
Mukhti and Aliya ran to him hugged tight with crying
Cabir is on same state.

Manik whole night didnot sleep, he just thinking. When it is sunrise he just took his car and drove

Manik reached the place and knocked the door
It opened
“I know iam too early but I…. Wo sorry iam Manik Malhotra. Actually yesterday I heard a song in beach restaurent, which is haunting me in dreams from many days I just came here to ask how do you know that son” Manik said in one go
Druv looked at Manik in shocked and surprised for Manik’s behaviour. He is just mum
Cabir hugged both.
The whole scene was emotional
Navya too hugged him

Nandini wished hai with tears in her eyes
Abheer is watching standing besides navya
“Is it your boy?” Cabir asked navya
“Yes! It’s our boy don’t forget you took his responsibility”
“Ha! I remember that is why I went gayab to avoid his potty and diper changing duty”
All laughed
“Abheer look who is he?”

“Cabil” he said with low voice
“It’s not cabil it’s cabir” corrected cabir

Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 5)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 5)

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