It was love that brought them together….. twinj episode 1

It was love that brought them together….. twinj episode 1

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The episode starts with uv thrown out of the room and twinkle laughing ….after sometime twinkle comes out wearing a preety crop top and shots
Uv: twinkle you are looking adorable but……
T:but what? Am I looking fat
Uv: no baby u are not fat but I was telling that if you want to marry me then u will have to stop wearing all this after marriage

T: u mean I will also wear traditional dress like all the typical housewives!
Uv: yeah u will have to wear that
Twinkle thinks for sometime
T: yeah I can do anything for u and remember today we are going to talk about our relationship to our mother
Uv: yeah how can I forget I will talk to her right now when I go home
T: yeah me too hope both of them agree
Uv: yeah now let me drop u home u go and change
T: no uv actually chinki is also here so I will wait for her

Uv: ok then bye baby
T: bye call me after u talk
Uv goes and chinki comes
T: where were u why so late?
C: arre actually imwas taking selfies
T: as expected.….come let’s go home my shopping is done
C: yeah mine too
They both were walking in the mall and talking to eachother just when twinkle bangs into someone …..the man is wearing a white T-shirt with red jacket and blue jeans twinkle only notices his cloths and is not able to see his face

T: sorry(without seeing him)
Twinkle and chinki leave
T: ok bye chinki meet u tomorrow at college
C: yeah bye darling but drive properly you always have a habit of banging into someone ( she giggles)
T: enough uh I m not at all a bad driver
C: bye now go!
Twinkle sits in the car and goes,while going in the car…..

Twinkle’s self talk: how can chinki say that I m a bad driver, I have never had an accident I m so careful driver
While saying this she bangs her car in someone’s car
T: ooo damn ….but it was not my fault its that person’s fault
Both of them get out of the car and see both the car are badly damaged the person is same who banged into twinkle in the mall, twinkle gets to know this while noticing his cloths….

T: how dare you bang into my car! You know who am I? I am twinkle taneja
Person: oh ms twinkle u know who am I ? I’m kunj sarna, how can u say that I did the accident, it was you actually it is rightly said ” women are bad drivers”
T: ok u think women are bad drivers and men are good at driving?
K: of course
T: if men are good drivers then u should have been careful while driveng!!!!! Now who will pay for the damage

K: o hello madam I m not going to pay for this it was not at all my fault It was your fault you should give me a sorry gift
A vendor passes from there who is having fruits and vegetable. Twinkle notices him
T: ok Mr kunj sarna you think it was my fault and I should give you gift? Then I will, just a min
Kunj is shocked hearing this, twinkle goes to the vendor buys a watermelon she bangs the watermelon on kunj’s head
T: your gift did u liked it, by the way you are looking good like this
Kunj is still in shock. He is fully covered with watermelon, public had gathered and was laughing at kunj. Kunj goes to the vendor and buys some tomatoes , he squashes the tomoato and throws on twinkle
K: your return gift dear did uu liked it?
Both fume in anger
Screen freezes

Precap both think to say sorry to eachother

It was love that brought them together….. twinj episode 1


It was love that brought them together….. twinj episode 1

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