kumkum bhagya abhigya forever 2 Episode 6

kumkum bhagya abhigya forever 2 Episode 6

thanks guys and i am sorry….that I didn’t post my ff.I am really feeling sorry and I got many messages ,mails so I could not stop myself hence I am continuing….and an important message to the person who is writing ff…called a mistake. .it’s nikita’s .. she is my fb friend.
.she asked to continue and says sorry that she could not upload it…

coming to the story….

pragya gets up in the morning and sees abhi,aaradhya sleeping peacefully…she gets up and places a pillow on her side so that aaradhya will not fall and leaves to see dadi…

abhi gets up after PRAGYA went…he sees aaradhya sleeping and thinks my life is completed with my daughter and caresses her hair.he thinks he is having a shoot and goes to washroom. abhi comes out after s ometym and heads towards dressing table.

pragya comes and shouts aaradhya. …abhi turns to see and pragya runs towards her.aaradhya was about to fall but pragya catches her. abhi says sorry ….I don’t know she will…pragya feels guilty and says it’s ok…come let’s go…abhi says but aaradhya. .pragya says actually abhi …aliya will take care as ishan went to school.abhi says ok …and they leaves…

pragya and abhi reaches studio.pragya was the one who takes full charge like camera’s,lights…etc..she asked certain people to do carefully.abhi was in his caravan.he hears a sound ..Pappa…abhi turns and says aaradhya and makes her to sit on his lap. abhi asked how you come here.aaradhya says aliya bua…abhi says did pragya knows.aaradhya says no.she didn’t.you should make her understand.abhi says she will not hear to me.aaradhya says pappa…abhi says ok I will…at the tym they both heard pragya ‘a voice.aaradhya gets down and hides behind abhi.pragya comes and says shot is ready.abhi says I have a suprise for you.pragya asked what
abhi calls aaradhya….aaradhya comes …pragya asked you.how you came here.abhi says I brought her here.pragya asked what.abhi says ha..in our car…you didn’t see her.aaradhya smiles…aliya comes there telling aaradhya …I asked you to wait na.

pragya tells so aliya bua brought you here.aaradhya says yes.pragya says ok let’s leave ..for shot.pragya says ne here don’t move …be with bua. abhi smiles at her.aaradhya says ok.

the shoot begins.aaradhya was enjoying as abhi , her dad is doing live performance. suddenly abhi sees camera to fall on aaradhya. he shouts…AARADHYA ….move …and runs toeards her.and pills her.and both falls ..pragya shouts abhi…and runs…abhi gets up with aaradhya and takes her in his hands …it’s ok beta..nothing…anywhere pain…aaradhya nods no in fear.abhi says nothing my princess..pragya comes there…abhi shouts can’t you fix the camera,’s properly …if something happens to my daughter….pragya was about to say somethg but abhi says pack up…

abhi goes out with aaradhya. pragya ,aliya follows him.abhi comes home and goes to her room..
he makes aaradhya to sleep.pragya sees it from outside and goes to guest room…..she cries saying I am sorry…..but I have to go back …with aaradhya as soon as possible…

she thinks…
years before….

pragya was happy that she is pregnant. ..she wants to say to abhi.but she thinks first to thank God and leaves to temple….there she sees a swamiji …she goes to gets blessings. but he calls her by name.pragya was suprised
she asked did she know him.he says I know your history.you lost your first child ryt….pragya says yes.he further says now you are pregnant …pragya says yes…he says if this child borns and grows with abhi…there would be anyone …your child or your husband. .pragya says but i want both of them…swamiji says one way….is there….you must get separate from abhi…so that…your child and husband will be safe….

pragya thinks it happened today….he is ryt ..as abhi and aaradhya are near…no I have to leave from here…soon..
I will not lose any of them.

kumkum bhagya abhigya forever 2 Episode 6


kumkum bhagya abhigya forever 2 Episode 6

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