Swasan: Fix You (Episode 9)

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 9)

A long update finally !! I’m not happy with the response so far. Please guyys respond by commenting or else I will wrap this ff soon :/

New Characters :::
Akash Talvar as Karan
Swati Kapoor as Ria
They are the lead pair of a show called V Mastaangi.

Sanskar’s pov ~~

5:15. Heck… I’m late. I thought. I had to pick up Swara before heading to Laksh’s place. I was glad that she was ready to come. Maybe she would get out of her little shell after meeting new people. I thought ad I drove to Swara’s place.

To my surprise Swara was already standing outside her house looking beautiful as always. I had no idea hoe she managed to look this good. She didn’t apply any make-up, she didn’t wear short dresses, she never wore those towering high-heels and yet she looked beautiful.

She smiled and hopped inside car.
“You look beautiful.” I said and gave her a hug that lasted for second or two.

“Kuch bhi..” She said rolling her eyes. I never understood why she felt so bad about herself. I mean c’mon anybody would think she’s beautiful. But I also knew there was no point in arguing with her here.

“By the way I’ve to be back by 10. I’ve told my dad that I’m going to a friends place to help her out with studies. I can’t be home late….” She said.

“No problem. We’ll be back by 10.” I assured and drove to Laksh’s place.
“How much time more ?” Nisha asked as I played some music. In last ten minutes this was the third time she had asked this question.
“Five minutes more Swara.” I said.amd she sighed. She nervously played with her fingers and looked out at the cars passing by. She seemed to be in a deep thought. It was clear…she was nervous. Of what ? Meeting some new people..

“So Swara! Did you get your car back home ?” I asked trying to lighten up her mood but it looked like my sudden question had only startled her.

“Huh? What? Y-yeah..” She replied and again looked outside..i decided it was best not to say anything that time and kept driving.

I stopped the car outside Laksh’s building. His flat was at the top floor which was 27th floor. I looked at the watch and realized that we were fifteen minutes late. Anyway, I knew everyone else were probably going to come an hour late so I didnt bother to hurry.

“Chalo! We’re here.” I said unbuckling my seat belt. Swara nodded and got out after me.

As we were walking towards the elevator I noticed Swara taking small steps. I stopped and waited for her to catch up with my speed. I dont know why but everyone always said that I walk too fast. So fast that sometimes that the person walking along with me gets left far behind. Maybe they were right. . .bur Swara walked like a turtle!

“Swara, we’ve to reach by today and not tomorrow…” I said.

“I’m sorry. I’m just nervous…I guess.” She said.

“You dont have to be. I’ve told you that before..” I said.

“But I’m. . .I dont even know anybody! I feel like a party-crasher…” She said frowning.

“You know me ? That’s enough…. You’ll get to know others…” I said and held her hand. She locked her fingers with mine and held on to my hand tight. I gave an assuring smile as we stepped into the elevator.

The door of the elevator opened revealing the familiar huge passages. There were only four apartments in the floor out of which two were Laksh’s. Swara still held on to me now stood behind me. I took a glance at her every five-ten seconds and smiled. I could see her getting more nervous as I smiled at her.

The door opened revealing Laksh with a huge smile on his face. “Sanskar, finally aap ke darshan hue!” Laksh exclaimed. Before I could reply his eyes met Swara.

“Oh! And you must be the beautiful Swara, right?” He asked.
‘Oh God! Cant he just shut up!’ I thought. Swara wasn’t supposed to know that I’ve said such a thing about her to Laksh.
I sent Laksh a death glare, and saw his smile turn into a cheeky grin. I rolled my eyes and walked in with Swara beside me.

“Guys… Look whose here.” Ria, Karan’s fiancĂ© said getting up and walking towards us.

“Arrey! I thought you wont come.” Abeer said. “And I also didn’t know that you were getting your girlfriend along with you…” He added and then looked down where my hand was entwined with Swara’s.

“Stop it Abeer…Hi I’m Ria. Nice to meet you….” Ria said putting out her hand for a handshake.

“Swara…” The voice beside me was so soft that I could barely hear her.

“Don’t worry Swara. We won’t bite.” Laksh chuckled and finally Swara laughed. I sighed with a relief and slowly let go off Swara’s hand. She gave me a worried look, but in return I only smiled. I just wished I could hold her hand forever but I didn’t want her to be dependent on me always. I wanted her to be free and independent…

“Where is Kabir ?” I asked plopping down on the sofa.

“He is attending an urgent call.” Ria said and turned towards Swara who was awkwardly standing in the same spot.

“Arrey! Swara baitho.” Ria said and dragged her towards where I was sitting. Swara sat beside me when Karan came into the living area where we sat.

“Hi Snuku.” He greeted and I regretted coming here for a second. He called me Snuku…in front of Swara. That was so embarrassing!

“Hi Karan..” I greeted as Karan eyes travelled to Swara. I knew what was going to come next. I was going to be teased and believe me, Karan is not as serious as he looks. He is only serious when it comes to our performances and our band, but rest of the time, he is really fun person to be around with. That’s what made him the beat drummer and a really good human being…

“You’re Swara, right ? Sanskar’s Swara ?” He asked looking at Swara who was biting her lower lip nervously.
‘This girl is seriously turning me on…wait what!?’ I realized how dirty my mind was going and immediately stopped those thoughts.

“Uh…Karan…kya bol raha hai tu..” I whispered nudging Karan and he immediately started laughing.

“I was kidding…anyways nice to meet you..Swara…I’m Karan.” He said.

“Nice to meet you too.” Swara replied.

Half an hour passed by very quickly. At first Swara was really quiet where everyone else including me were really talking very loudly. That’s our nature! We Punjabis are like that, and its something we are really proud of!
Others were so engrossed in the conversation that they almost forgot Swara too is present. So I had to keep on dragging Swara into the conversation every now and then.

I had thought that she would take a lot of time to open up in front of everyone else, but to my surprise, half an hour after we came, Swara was one of us! She laughed, said stupid jokes and talked continuously.

I had already met this Swara before, and I was glad to meet her again…

I hope you aren’t bored and this is not boring guys. So a little twist coming in the next episode. . .Keep reading !!

Next part : When dad comes to know..

What do you think could be Shekhar’s reaction when he comes to know about Swara’s friendship with Sanskar ?

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 9)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 9)

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