Karna in my Eyes, An Analysis

I am writing something on Epic Character Karna.Please forgive me for any mistake.Its completely my point of view & most importantly I am not a scholar.So, with my limited knowledge, a small write up on Karna.( No idea where to ,post, so chosing episode analysis part.Please choose Correct Category)

If anyone ask me Who is your favourite character in Mahabharata, then without any doubt, my answer will be Karna.
Sometimes, I wonder, Why it is??He knew the conspiracy of Laksagriha.He was a part of Dyut Sabha. He also took part in the murder of Abhimanyu.
Answer is very simple. Karna is a common human being & No one is Perfect.But the allegations against him are serious,
Then why some people still love & worship Karna like me?Are we lack judgement?

Lakshagriha Incident, he opposed the decision, but he remained slient for the sake of his friendship with Duryodhan.According to Karna, Duryodhan gave him his due respect, he extended his hand of friendship despite his low caste.So, its his “Dharma” to protect Duryodhan.As Duryodhan made him the king of Anga, its his duty to remain a loyal political comrade of Duryodhan.I always feel Karna’s condition was more like modern days honest IAS Officers, who want to remain honest, but failed because of their duty & about Abhimanyu’s killing, he listened to the Commander of the Army.It hurted the real warrior inside him, but still he did his duty which he think is right.

Dyut Sabha incident.Karna insulted Draupadi.He instigated the situation.Its the reason for downfall of Karna.Draupadi rejected Karna.He should respect her feelings.But No,typical male ego,unable to accept rejection from a woman.Yes, he felt insulted infront of all kings because Draupadi rejected him only because of his low caste.But cant he forgive Draupadi?? How he sliently watched the shameful act of Dushasan?Only to prove his loyality towards Duryodhan?? No No, he did this to satisfy his male ego which was hurt due to Draupadi’s rejection. Everyone was villain including the five pandavas in the Dyut-sabha.But again I wonder, how can he forgive anyone?? Did he get forgiveness from anyone??But, he was wrong that da & word power is equal to the power of arrow. .No one can defend him, not even Karna I think.

Karna always have a passion for Archery, but due to the social system, he always faced rejection.Not because he lacked skill, but for his low caste. How a suta can learn Archery??After facing rejection & insults, he told lie to Guru Parshuram that he is a Brahmin.He always respected his Guru, worked hard & achieved.But his Guru gave him curse, Why?? Because he tolarated pain so that his Guru can rest.After watching his Kavach & Kundal, Cant Lord Parshuram understand that he is not a ordinary person, but a person with divine touch & Lord Parshuram was the Guru of Bhisma who was not a Brahmin & most importantly If Guru Parshuram unable to understand Karna’s caste when both remained together for years, for me the caste issue is a baseless point.His Guru did wrong to Karna. Its my belief.But Karna accepted his Guru’s curse as blessing.He moved on in his life & tried to achieve his dream.

He donated his immortality, his Kavach Kundal to Lord Indra.It need a lot of courage.I respect his confidence.He also gave daan to Kunti, the lives of her four sons.He was unable to send her empty-handed for whom he had to suffer all humilation, who reduced his status.For me, this daan was his forgiveness to Kunti & acceptance to Pandavas.He rejected Lord Krishna’s offer without any second thought.Proud Karna, loyal Karna.

I love Karna, they way he struggled, fought & achieved his dream, his passion.He wrote his own destiny by his hard work.He accepted curse from his Guru & moved on in his life. I love his power of acceptance.His loyalty & friendship towards Duryodhan & most importantly his Daanveerta.He is a man full of pride, but for me, his pride is his way of self-respect.For me, Karna is a trendsetter,Couragious & As radiant as sun.People will always remember him.Some will hate him & some will love & worship him & I will always remain in that second category.

Karna in my Eyes, An Analysis


Karna in my Eyes, An Analysis


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